Who Is The Best Masseur - Woman Or Man

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Who Is The Best Masseur - Woman Or Man
Who Is The Best Masseur - Woman Or Man

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Who, woman or man, makes massage better? This question is often found in the specialized literature. The answer to it is quite simple - it all depends not on the gender of the massage therapist, but on his professionalism.

Who is the best masseur - woman or man
Who is the best masseur - woman or man

Asian approach

In the classic oriental massage manuals, it is repeatedly indicated that women should massage men, and vice versa. From the point of view of Asian specialists, this is due to the energies of yin and yang. Massage is not a purely physiological procedure, it serves to restore both body and energy. We can say that it all comes down to finding the golden mean. Thus, when a woman gives a massage to a man, she softens his aggressiveness and rigidity with her softness and flexibility. When a man gives a woman a massage, he adds "structures" to her, collects her.

Some types of massage use essential oils. If you are allergic to any odors, warn the master about this.

A hands-on approach

If we ignore the lofty matters, it should be noted that the psyche of the masseur must be very stable. A good specialist is always friendly and emotionally balanced, since the emotions experienced by the massage therapist are transmitted to the client. Nerves and tension do not help a good massage.

Traditionally, it is believed that the psyche of men is stronger, therefore, representatives of the stronger sex are confident and calm, in contrast to more emotional women. This is why many people prefer male massage therapists. But if you have the opportunity to pre-speak with a prospective massage therapist, trust your intuition and how you feel about talking to him or her. Nervousness and tension are very easy to feel.

Massage can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions.

Sometimes there is still a difference

A good massage therapist should maintain a constant rhythm with sliding and fluid movements. It is the constancy of the rhythm that allows the patient and the masseur to tune in to one vibration, thus achieving relaxation. A professional massage therapist has a whole range of techniques and techniques, developing over time the author's approach to massage. A massage that works on deep muscles requires serious physical effort, so if you require a similar procedure, it is better to choose a male masseur.

A facial massage or a relaxing massage is great for girls as it does not require high stamina. However, this is rather a general recommendation, in each case it all depends on the master.

Modern methods of aesthetic massage allow a competent specialist to choose a set of procedures necessary for a client. An experienced professional, within ten to fifteen minutes after the start of the first session, adjusts to the client's biorhythms, which allows (including intuitively) to find those massage movements that are right for him.

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