How Often Can You Drink Vitamins

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How Often Can You Drink Vitamins
How Often Can You Drink Vitamins

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Vitamins are essential nutrients, along with carbohydrates, proteins, fats and micronutrients. Once upon a time, people had enough of those vitamins that entered the body along with food. But at present, the content of natural vitamins in food is reduced, so their deficiency should be replenished with artificial multivitamin complexes.

How often can you drink vitamins
How often can you drink vitamins


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Biologically active organic compounds - vitamins - necessary for normal life, the human body does not synthesize, it receives them along with food. Avitaminosis - a lack of vitamins - can cause disruption of the functioning of internal organs, as well as affect the appearance and manifest itself in fragility and dullness of hair, delamination of nails, peeling of the skin. When all the necessary vitamins are supplied to the body in sufficient quantities, the body is ready to withstand the harmful effects of the environment and disease.

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Since even the most balanced menu is not able to provide the required amount of vitamins, their deficiency can be replenished by taking artificial mono- and multivitamin complexes. In this case, you should be aware that non-natural vitamins are drugs and should be taken in accordance with the recommended dosage, which excludes hypervitaminosis. An excess of them in the body is no less dangerous than a deficiency, which is why the intake of mono-vitamins should be carried out on the recommendation and under the supervision of a doctor.

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Self-administration of multivitamin complexes should be carried out in strict accordance with the dosage recommended in the instructions and never combine courses of taking several such complexes. In addition, the timing of taking multivitamins should be limited to 30 days, the frequency of self-prescribed courses of taking these drugs is 1-3 times a year.

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In order to get the maximum benefit with such a frequency of repetition of courses of admission, vitamins should be taken correctly. It is known that some vitamins neutralize each other if they enter the stomach at the same time. Therefore, in some complexes, these bioactive substances are separated. Dragee, in which vitamins of the same type are arranged in layers, separated by impenetrable soluble shells, is the most convenient form of release. During their advancement in the stomach and intestinal tract, vitamins dissolve sequentially without contacting each other.

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How much vitamins of a particular group you need depends on many factors, including gender, age, lifestyle and physical activity. The need for them can change, including during pregnancy. In the instructions that are included in the packaging of each multivitamin complex, you can always find instructions on how often you should use it, taking into account your individual characteristics. Sometimes on the package or in the instructions, the percentage of a particular vitamin is indicated in terms of the daily dose for an adult.

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