How To Take Multivitamins Correctly

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How To Take Multivitamins Correctly
How To Take Multivitamins Correctly

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To provide the daily intake of essential vitamins and minerals, a person needs to eat a mountain of vegetables and fruits, the size of which can only be digested by an elephant. It is easier and more effective to choose a multivitamin preparation. But what is the correct way to take such vitamins?

How to take multivitamins correctly
How to take multivitamins correctly

Read the instructions carefully

As trite as it may sound, most of the recommendations and warnings for taking multivitamin preparations are contained in the instructions. Modern vitamin and mineral complexes are very different in terms of intake technologies, absorption time and intensity of impact on the body, therefore, you should adhere to the recommendations specified in the annotation.

Interestingly, the timing of taking different vitamins must be very different. For example, vitamin D is best taken in the morning, and magnesium supplements are best taken before bed. Vitamin A and krill oil are best absorbed if you swallow them with meals, while vitamin C should be taken in the morning and evening. High-quality multivitamin complexes, as a rule, contain several tablets of different compositions, designed for different times of intake during the day. And it is precisely the observance of the instructions that is the cornerstone of the effectiveness of these drugs.

If you exceed the dosage, you may experience an allergic reaction, often quite severe. And interruptions in admission or improper use of drugs threatens with a lack of a positive effect. Simply put, you can waste a lot of money on an ultra-modern magic vitamin complex in vain. And there is no need to look for the guilty here.

What vitamins are you missing?

The most difficult thing is to understand what exactly is lacking in your body, which is suffering from vitamins. Most often, people begin to take vitamin complexes in winter, when their strength is running out, and store-bought fruits and vegetables can no longer replenish the supply of vital elements. But you do not need to swallow the drugs thoughtlessly. The best thing in this situation is to have a blood test. Based on its results, the doctor will be able to say which drugs are most indicated for you now.

There are some general tips for choosing a multivitamin supplement. Vegetarians, for example, need vitamin B12 and iron, while dieters need to consume more calcium and magnesium. With the constant use of contraceptives in the body, there is sometimes a lack of vitamin B6, which also leads to fatigue and fatigue. When choosing a multivitamin, be sure to make sure the nutrients you need are present in an amount that provides 50-100% of your daily intake. And be healthy.

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