What To Do If You Can't Lose Weight

What To Do If You Can't Lose Weight
What To Do If You Can't Lose Weight

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Correct weight loss is a long and complex process. But it happens that physical activity and balanced nutrition do not lead to the desired result, but the whole point is this: many people know which food can and should be consumed, and which should be excluded. But few people pay attention to the process of eating itself, errors and errors in which greatly affect body weight.

What to do if you can't lose weight
What to do if you can't lose weight

When two or more people eat at the same table, willy-nilly, they adjust to the general rhythm, this is a scientifically proven fact. Naturally, the faster food is absorbed, the more you can eat, and, therefore, more calories to get. If the person at the same table with you is in a hurry while eating, then you can try to slow him down, distracting him with conversations. If you personally try to eat faster, then choose slow-eating people for the company.

Usually in such a situation we come across as a guest, when we do not want to offend or upset the hostess, we try to try as many dishes as possible. If a big dinner or lunch is inevitable, it is better to choose less high-calorie dishes, take a little of them, and completely refuse a cake for tea.

In a saucer, even a small portion looks solid, so that there is no feeling that you do not hope for such a small portion, then choose a small dish.

One of the tricky marketing ploys is to write on the packaging of the product that it is light or low in calories. Realizing that there are few calories in the product, we eat much more than foods with normal fat content. By giving preference to food with a regular calorie content, it is possible to get satiated much faster.

Everything sweet and forbidden is better to put away in the refrigerator or kitchen cabinet. When forbidden food is not always seen, then the chance of overeating is reduced to a minimum.

Watching TV shows, serials or reading a book while eating distracts from the very process of eating, as a result, a much larger portion is automatically eaten, which will subsequently negatively affect the figure.

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