Tablets "Ditsinon": Instructions For Use, Composition And Analogues

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Tablets "Ditsinon": Instructions For Use, Composition And Analogues
Tablets "Ditsinon": Instructions For Use, Composition And Analogues

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"Dicinon" is a hemostatic agent that is actively used to stop bleeding of various nature. The drug is produced in the form of tablets and a solution for injection therapy. It is not recommended to take it without a doctor's prescription, as it affects blood counts. Before use, you should read its instructions.

Tablets "Ditsinon": instructions for use, composition and analogues
Tablets "Ditsinon": instructions for use, composition and analogues

Composition and form

Dicinon is a drug produced by a Slovenian pharmaceutical plant. The manufacturer presented its product in the form of white round tablets and a colorless solution for injection. The composition of the drug is dominated by etamsylate, which has angioprotective properties. In the role of auxiliary substances are: citric acid, corn starch, magnesium stearate, povidone, lactose.



The substance ethamsylate has hemostatic, angioprotective, antihemorrhagic properties. It reduces the permeability of blood vessels, improves microcirculation in them, prevents the formation of platelets and increases their adhesion. In addition, the drug inhibits the synthesis of prostaglandins, which cause disaggregation and vasodilation of capillaries. Thanks to this, bleeding is quickly stopped.

Etamsylate promotes the formation of a primary thrombus, does not affect the level of fibrinogen in the blood, and does not constrict blood vessels. It should be noted that with regular use, the formation of blood clots increases. The drug does not affect the composition of the blood in the vascular bed, as well as proteins and lipoproteins. While taking the drug "Dicinon" may slightly decrease the erythrocyte sedimentation rate. The active ingredient is able to stabilize ascorbic acid, thereby preventing the destruction of the capillary walls.


"Dicinon", getting into the body, quickly enough enters the bloodstream and is absorbed through the tissues. Its peak concentration in the blood reaches 4 hours later. The connection with plasma proteins is over 97%. The metabolism is insignificant. The half-life lasts for 4 hours. Most of etamsylate is excreted unchanged by the kidneys during the day.



The drug "Ditsynon" is used for both therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. With the help of it, bleeding of various types is treated. Etamsylate is prescribed before and after operations on vascularized tissues in dentistry, gynecology, otolaryngology, urology, ophthalmology. In addition, plastic surgeons use the drug in their medical practice.

Prescribe "Dicinon" to patients who have menorrhagia, metrorrhagia, hematuria, nosebleeds, melena, severe bleeding of the gums, vomiting of blood, internal traumatic bleeding.


"Dicinon" is not recommended to be taken in the event that an allergy to the components from the composition was previously noted. It should be abandoned by people who have such a hereditary disease as acute porphyria. Etamsylate is dangerous in hemoblastosis, thromboembolism and thrombosis.

Do not prescribe this hemostatic agent for lactose intolerance, lactase deficiency. In tablet form, "Dicinon" is impossible in the treatment of children under 3 years of age.

Mode of application

Pills. The amount of etamsylate is selected by the doctor, but there are average doses. The daily intake of the drug for adults is 15-20 mg per kg of body. The dose should be divided into 3-4 doses. Most often, 250-500 mg is prescribed 3-4 times a day. In more severe cases, 750 mg of the drug is prescribed 3-4 times a day.

With heavy menstruation in women, gynecologists prescribe 750-1000 mg of etamzilate per day, starting from the 5th day of the cycle. It should be taken until the 5th day of the next menstruation.

After carrying out prophylactic operations, patients are recommended to take 250-500 mg of the drug every 6-8 hours until the risk of bleeding disappears.

For children over 3 years old, doctors calculate the dose of "Dicinon" in the amount of 10-15 mg per kg of body.


Solution. The drug in the form of a solution can be used for both intramuscular and intravenous injections. The drug is administered slowly. The dose is determined on the basis of weight (10-15 mg per kg of body), the resulting amount is divided into 3-4 injections.

An hour before the operations, patients are injected with 250-500 mg of ethamsylate. The drug continues to be administered in the same amount during and after surgical procedures. For children, the daily dose is 10-15 mg per kg of body.

The solution "Ditsynon" is also used in neonatology. The drug can be used already in the first 2 hours after birth at a dose of 12.5 mg per kg of body.

Side effects

When taking etamsylate, patients may experience heartburn, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. The appearance of a headache, slight dizziness, redness of the face is possible. Some patients note numbness of the lower extremities, a decrease in blood pressure. Joint pain, asthenic condition is extremely rare. In case of intolerance to the components of the drug, signs of allergy may appear.

If side effects appear, you should stop taking the drug, drink an absorbent and an antihistamine, inform your doctor about the reactions of the body.

special instructions

Before you start taking "Dicinon", you should exclude the cause of bleeding, since the drug stops the symptom, but does not cure the disease.

It makes no sense to prescribe etamsylate to patients with thrombocytopenia, since its effect will be practically zero. In this case, you need to use drugs that can increase the number of platelets.

The drug does not affect concentration in any way.

Analogues and cost


The price for 100 tablets "Dicinon" 250 mg is 340-350 rubles. 50 ampoules of solution with a dosage of 125 mg will cost the patient 550-600 rubles.

In the pharmacy, you can see complete analogues of the drug at a more favorable price, for example, Etamzilat, 50 tablets of which cost about 80 rubles.

Reviews about the drug "Dicinon"

Opinions about the drug "Dicinon" are very positive. Patients note its effectiveness, speed, price. Of the minuses, one can single out the bitter taste of the tablets, the presence of side effects.

For one girl, the drug helped a lot with heavy menstruation. For several years she experienced discomfort from this problem. After lengthy examinations, all the doctors said that she was healthy, it was just a feature of her body, and she had to put up with it. And only one doctor advised the Dicinon tablets, which fully met expectations.

Another woman was prescribed this drug during pregnancy, when she had a small spotting in the first trimester. After the ultrasound scan and referral to the hospital, the gynecologist recommended that the expectant mother drink 1 tablet 3 times a day until the discharge stops. On the second day, the threat was eliminated. This drug has no effect on the fetus, therefore it can be used by pregnant women under the supervision of a doctor.

One man was prescribed "Dicinon" to strengthen blood vessels and capillaries. It all started with severe itching of the legs after taking a shower. The patient scratched the skin until the bruises, which were long gone, were sore. The examination showed that he had low blood pressure and poor circulation. Because of the hot water, blood flow accelerated, and itching began. The man was prescribed vitamins and "Dicinon" for 1 month. In the first days of treatment, he was very nauseous, had a headache and was slightly dizzy. After a week, the side effects disappeared, and the state of health became good. No more itching or bruising. It is dangerous to use the drug without a doctor's prescription.

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