Nadroparin Calcium: Instructions, Indications, Side Effects

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Nadroparin Calcium: Instructions, Indications, Side Effects
Nadroparin Calcium: Instructions, Indications, Side Effects

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Anticoagulant "Calcium nadroparin", which is produced under the trade name "Fraxiparin", is actively used in deep vein thrombosis. Nadroparin is released in the form of a solution for subcutaneous administration. The dose of the drug is calculated and the drug is administered only by a doctor.

"Nadroparin Calcium": instructions, indications, side effects
"Nadroparin Calcium": instructions, indications, side effects

Composition and form

"Nadroparin calcium" is a French drug produced in the form of a solution for injection. Its active component is the substance of the same name. The auxiliary elements are calcium hydroxide and water for injection.


"Nadroparin calcium" is an anticoagulant agent that inhibits the clotting function of the blood. The substance stimulates a more rapid transition of prothrombin to thrombin. In addition, calcium nadroparin relieves inflammation, provides the body with artificial immunosuppression, slightly reduces serum cholesterol levels, and improves coronary circulation.

The active ingredient has a high ability to bind to blood proteins. It practically does not affect platelet function, as well as primary hemostasis.



When nadroparin is injected under the skin within 3 hours, the substance is collected in the blood plasma; with intravenous administration, the maximum level of the drug in the body is observed after 10 minutes. Almost completely enters the bloodstream, has a low rate of binding to plasma, practically does not bind to platelets, vascular wall, endothelial cells. Bioavailability is 98%. The half-life takes 3.5 hours. The blockade effect of the drug lasts for 18-24 hours. Calcium nadroparin is metabolized in the liver.

In elderly people with kidney problems, the process of excretion of the drug is somewhat slowed down and difficult, therefore, for this category of people, the dose should be selected especially carefully.

Application of the drug


"Nadroparin calcium" is used in the medical practice of phlebologists and vascular surgeons. With the help of this drug, the manifestations of deep vein thrombosis are stopped, an attack of acute coronary syndrome is relieved. It is also included in the therapy of pulmonary embolism.

Use "Fraxiparine" as a prophylactic agent for the appearance of blood clots during operations performed by orthopedists, oncologists and surgeons. For the prevention of thrombosis, a drug is used for hemodialysis and hemofiltration.


The drug containing calcium nadroparin is prohibited for people with hypersensitivity. In no case should you undergo injection therapy with Fraxiparine for patients with a history of bleeding, hemorrhage in the brain.

People who have acute bacterial endocarditis, gastrointestinal ulcer, pericarditis, and trauma to the nervous system should refuse injections.

In no case should you combine therapy with this drug and radiation treatment, as well as a spinal tap.

The drug is prohibited for thrombocytopenia and the use of intrauterine contraceptives, as well as after childbirth.

In pediatrics, treatment with nadroparin calcium is not practiced.

Mode of application


This anticoagulant is used subcutaneously. Doctors recommend administering the solution when the patient is in the supine position. The needle is inserted perpendicularly under the skin into the posterolateral or anterolateral region of the abdomen. In practice, it is permissible to inject the drug into the thigh. After the injection, in no case should you rub the injection site. In some cases, intravenous injections are prescribed, especially for emergency treatment.

The dose is calculated based on the patient's weight and the appointment. For example, as a prevention of thrombosis, the following scheme is followed:

  • if the patient's weight is less than 50 kg, 0.2 ml of nadroparin calcium is administered in 12 hours and after the same amount of time after the operation;
  • if the patient weighs from 50 to 69 kg inclusive, set the dose equal to 0.3 ml;
  • with a weight of more than 70 kg, 0.4 ml is already used.

After the operation, doctors prescribe to patients one injection per day for 3 days in the specified single dosage.

In case of unstable angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, in order to prevent the appearance of blood clots, the drug is administered intravenously. The initial dose is set in the same amount as in the treatment of thromboembolism. If the patient weighs less than 50 kg twice a day for 10 days, 0.4 ml of nadroparin is injected, at 50-59 kg - 0.5 ml, at 60-69 - 0.6 ml, etc.


"Nadroparin calcium" in case of an overdose increases bleeding, which is why during therapy, experts advise to donate blood once a week or two to determine the number of platelets and assess blood clotting indicators.

In case of overdose, the dose of the drug should be reduced or canceled altogether. In more severe cases, protamine sulfate is prescribed.

Side effects

Against the background of calcium nadroparin therapy, an increase in the level of transaminases is observed. Allergies, anaphylactoid reactions are possible. At the injection site, skin necrosis, small hematomas, hard nodules, and calcification may appear.

Fraxiparine can cause bleeding, thrombocytosis, eosinophilia, thrombocytopenia, hyperkalemia. It is extremely rare, but still there have been cases of priapism.

If you have any sign of intolerance, you should immediately inform your doctor. Perhaps the drug will be canceled or replaced with a similar one, but with a slightly different composition.

Interaction with other drugs

If you take calcium nadproparin with drugs that affect hemostasis, for example, acetylsalicylic acid, NSAIDs, dextran, you should adjust the dose of one and the second drugs, as they enhance the action of each other.

Injection therapy with this anticoagulant should be very careful if platelet aggregation inhibitors are taken in parallel, as bleeding may occur.

Fraxiparine injections should be carefully taken in conjunction with oral anticoagulants, as side effects may occur.

Analogues and cost


10 ampoules of solution for subcutaneous administration "Nadroparin Calcium" of 0.3 ml will cost the buyer 2600-2800 rubles. The analogs of the drug are:

  • "Aksparin" - 1500-1700 rubles for 10 ampoules of 0.2 ml each;
  • "Kleksan" - 1300-1500 rubles for 10 syringes of 0.4 ml;
  • "Novoparin" - 1300-1500 rubles for 10 ampoules of 0.4 ml each;
  • "Flenox" - 1200-1300 rubles for 10 syringes of 0.6 ml each;
  • "Enoxparin-Famrex" - 900-1000 rubles for 10 pieces of 0.4 ml.

When buying an analogue, you should first of all consult a doctor.


Opinions about the drug "Nadroparin Calcium" are mostly positive. The only thing that scares patients is the injection site. Self-administration of the medicine is quite problematic.

In general, the drug perfectly improves blood circulation, thins the blood, is well tolerated, convenient to use, acts quickly, and can be used for prophylactic purposes.

An indisputable plus is the fact that each syringe comes in an individual package. In addition, the pharmacy has the opportunity to purchase the medicine by the piece, because it is expensive.

This medicine literally saved one woman's life. She was admitted to the hospital by ambulance. The doctor, after conducting laboratory tests, immediately sent her to the intensive care unit with a diagnosis of thrombosis. Daily injections of calcium nadroparin helped to thin the blood in a short time. The woman noted the only negative - bruises always appeared at the injection sites, but they quickly resolved.

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