How To Remove The Smell Of Fumes

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How To Remove The Smell Of Fumes
How To Remove The Smell Of Fumes

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A pleasantly spent evening flows into the next morning into a disgusting amber from the mouth. Is it possible to somehow remove or at least mask this smell?

How to remove the smell of fumes?
How to remove the smell of fumes?

Why does the smell of fume appear?

Fume is an unpleasant smell that comes from a person who has gone over alcohol the day before. Often this is a mixture of two components - the decay products of ethanol in the liver and the actual smell of alcohol from the stomach and from the mouth.

It's easy to hide the smell of vodka or wine - just brush your teeth and rinse your mouth. But amber from fumes cannot be removed quickly, because this is how acetic acid smells - one of the decay products of alcohol, which the body removes through the skin, breath and urine. For its complete disappearance, it should take from 3 to 24 hours, it all depends on the dose that was taken on the chest the day before.

How can you effectively kill the smell of fumes?

There are two ways to reduce the odor - to seize it with some product that masks the "exhaust", or to carry out a series of measures aimed at the rapid elimination of acetic acid from the body.

So, 1. You need to eat a couple of spoons, and directly with the husk, chewing it thoroughly. In this case, two aromas are combined - sunflower oil and a rich smell of husk. For 30-40 minutes you will be spared the unpleasant smell, you can communicate calmly without fear of being exposed (including by the traffic police).

2.- work perfectly, reliably covering your breath with their tart aroma for 30-60 minutes. Chew thoroughly and swallow saliva, no matter how disgusting it may seem, then you can rinse your mouth with clean water.

3. Due to its ability to envelop the gastrointestinal tract, it can also reduce odor. For greater effect, drink 2 fresh eggs at once on an empty stomach, this is important. After them, you can not eat and drink for about an hour. The effect of raw eggs does not affect immediately, but after 30-40 minutes.

with parsley or cilantro. It also combines the effects of the distracting scent of seasoning and the enveloping walnut oil. The action is also short-lived - about 20 minutes.

five.. Explanations are unnecessary here, but the lesser of two evils must be chosen. Perhaps it is better to slay the boss with garlic amber than to get a reprimand for drunkenness.

6. Ineffective, but in the absence of other products, it is quite suitable. True, you will have to chew the grains every 10-20 minutes.

Other ways to reduce fumes

It was said above that it is possible to remove alcoholic "exhaust" in other ways related to the acceleration of the elimination of acetic acid from the body.

1. or a bath with the addition of 1 cup of baking soda (neutralizes acetic acid on the skin) and change clothes and clothes.

2. Brush your teeth and remove plaque from the tongue with a spoon (it contains a lot of unpleasant-smelling toxins).

2., green tea and herbal infusions. It would be good to squeeze a lemon into water and decoctions (1 lemon per 1 liter of water). Diuretics, including coffee and tea, can also be taken to speed up the elimination of waste products from the blood and tissues.

3. in the fresh air, while doing a light warm-up (hand swings, squats, bends) and simple breathing exercises. To do this, you need to take a deep breath 5-7 times, hold the air for a count of 10 and exhale.

4. to replenish the body's protein reserves. You can drink chicken broth or eat cabbage soup, generously seasoning them with pepper. It is also good to drink juice (tomato, orange, but not grape) or fresh kefir.

5. In no case "for relief", otherwise the smell of fumes will intensify and last for a long time.

And the best way to deal with a hangover is, of course, to give up excess alcohol the day before. A small dose of alcohol will help keep you in the mood for fun, and never reward you with a heavy smelly spirit.

Without fear for your fresh breath, you can drink 100 g of wine or 200 g of beer, there will be no smell the next day and from 50 g of vodka or brandy - the body will easily process such a dose of alcohol.And another important detail - alcohol must be of high quality, beware of cheap fakes, they can "give" not only the strongest smell, but also serious poisoning.

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