Edible Chestnut

Edible Chestnut
Edible Chestnut

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Chestnut is a product that the French and Chinese constantly consume. In our country, it is not very common. The French use chestnuts in all kinds of dishes. They are put in cereals and salads. They can be boiled or baked.

Edible chestnut
Edible chestnut

Edible chestnut contains potassium, sodium, carotene, "ascorbic acid", B vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, fiber and other useful substances. It is a rich source of vegetable protein.

If you suffer from thrombophlebitis or hemorrhoids, then a chestnut decoction will help you. It speeds up blood flow.

If you want to refresh your skin, then this tool will perfectly help you in this case.

If you feel hungry, then a couple of fruits will relieve you of it. You can also release feelings of fatigue.

If you are overweight, then chestnut will allow you to gain a beautiful figure. It is also recommended for athletes to consume.

If you have cellulite, you can get rid of it with a chestnut scrub.


If you suffer from sciatica, then it is advisable for you to sleep on chestnuts. This will have a beneficial effect on your nerve roots. You can soon forget about the pain.

With rheumatism, it is recommended to touch the described fruits with your fingers. Your bones will become much stronger.

Chestnut relieves the body of hazardous substances. Its tincture has a diuretic effect. It is excellent for edema.

Traditional healers recommend keeping chestnuts in your pockets. There is an opinion that they protect from ailments.

Chestnut should not be consumed if you have diabetes, cycle disruptions, allergies, or if you are carrying a baby.

Doctors say that chestnut has many medicinal properties. They are used for mastopathy and mastitis. But you shouldn't practice self-medication.

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