How To Make Gelatin Lamination At Home

How To Make Gelatin Lamination At Home
How To Make Gelatin Lamination At Home

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Many people want to restore their hair to health, but do not know how to do it. A procedure called lamination will help you with this, which can be done without much difficulty at home. A gelatin mask will give your hair a rich shine, volume and beauty.

How to make gelatin lamination at home
How to make gelatin lamination at home

What you need to laminate your hair with gelatin

In order to make this mask, you will need the following:

  1. 4 tablespoons of hot water;
  2. a small amount of hair balm;
  3. one tablespoon of gelatin.

It is not necessary to use balm for hair, but without it, the applied mask will be difficult to rinse off the hair.

How to make a gelatin lamination mask correctly

In an empty bowl, mix together the gelatin and hot water. This mixture must be stirred until then, until its consistency is completely homogeneous. If you have small lumps left unmixed, then heat this mixture with a water bath until they are completely dissolved. Then set the laminating compound aside and do not touch it for 15-30 minutes. After the time has passed, add hair balm there. Mixing everything well, you get a mask.

How to make a lamination mask

Before applying the gelatinous mass to your hair, you should rinse it with shampoo, then wipe it with a towel until it is damp.

The mask should be applied so that it does not come into contact with the scalp, because it tightens it very much. It is best to laminate your hair by stepping a couple of centimeters from its roots.

After applying a mixture of gelatin to your hair, wrap it up with a towel, after putting on a plastic cap. Keep the mask for 30-40 minutes, then rinse. When your hair dries naturally, you will see that it has a healthy shine, volume and elasticity.

What are the advantages of gelatin lamination

  1. The gelatin mask is absolutely harmless to the hair.
  2. Gelatin contains a large number of nutrients that stimulate hair growth.
  3. Dry hair becomes shiny and silky, while damaged and weakened hair becomes supple and voluminous.
  4. With this mask, you can make your hair smooth.
  5. Gelatin envelops the hair, thereby protecting it from injury with a curling iron or hairdryer.
  6. Gelatin lamination can be done as many times as you like, because it does not harm your hair.
  7. Gelatin lamination is much cheaper than in beauty salons.

As you can see, lamination can be done without much difficulty at home, and you will not only save money, but also give your hair health.

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