What Does Thrush Look Like In Men

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What Does Thrush Look Like In Men
What Does Thrush Look Like In Men

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Urogenital candidiasis, or thrush, caused by yeast, affects not only women, but also men. This disease manifests itself on the mucous membrane of the genital organs and, by external signs, has a rather characteristic appearance, therefore, thrush is difficult to confuse with any other pathology.

What does thrush look like in men
What does thrush look like in men


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Thrush in men is manifested by the appearance of a grayish-white plaque / rash on the head and foreskin of the penis, burning and itching in its area, discomfort or mild pain when urinating, unpleasant odor and dryness. With the transition of thrush to a chronic form without treatment, small depressions appear on the foreskin and head, and the disease itself is exacerbated several times a year. In this case, pain, swelling or redness of the tissues may be absent, but if symptoms of thrush occur much more often, you can suspect the presence of other diseases.

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In some cases, candidal rash appears only for a couple of minutes - most often after drinking alcohol, so this symptom is often ignored. Thrush can go away without treatment, but when it goes into a chronic form, getting rid of this disease will be much more difficult. In addition, fungi are able to ascend through the urethra, which can lead to problems with the genitourinary system and even infertility. The causes of the disease are unprotected sex, reduced immunity, hypovitaminosis, endocrine diseases and herpes viruses in the blood.

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Since most men can easily tolerate candidiasis, they are usually given topical therapy in the form of a special antifungal ointment applied to the penis. In the presence of thrush in a partner, a man is also required to undergo a course of treatment in order to insure himself against an asymptomatic form of the disease and to avoid various complications. Self-medication in this case is unacceptable.

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With complicated forms of urogenital candidiasis, a man should take the drugs "Diflucan" and "Fluconazole", as well as drugs to increase immunity. During treatment, it is undesirable to consume sweet, flour and alcoholic products, and it is also imperative to refrain from sexual intercourse. When washing, underwear should be disinfected with detergents and even boiled. The chronic and severe form of the disease requires the supervision of several specialists: an endocrinologist, a therapist and a urologist.

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