Medicinal Herbs For Women's Health

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Medicinal Herbs For Women's Health
Medicinal Herbs For Women's Health

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Along with traditional therapy for women's health, it is recommended to use medicinal herbs with biologically active properties. Traditional medicine methods help to quickly cope with gynecological problems and restore a woman's reproductive function.

Medicinal herbs for women's health
Medicinal herbs for women's health

What medicinal herbs help with gynecological problems

Knotweed (Poligonum hydropiper), water pepper is used for dysfunctional and postpartum uterine bleeding. Helps to cope with chronic inflammation of the genital area, uterine fibroids. For medicinal purposes, you can use stems, leaves, flowers, from which alcohol tinctures, water infusions and decoctions are prepared.

Calendula officinalis effectively helps with menstrual irregularities, mastopathy, climacteric disorders, to prevent habitual miscarriages, and to treat erosions.

Viburnum vulgaris is recommended for painful menstruation, with the threat of premature birth, miscarriage, fibroids. The main contraindications are a tendency to thrombosis, increased blood clotting. For medicinal purposes, you can use the flowers, fruits and bark of the plant.

Black cohosh helps to cope with hot flashes during menopause, increases estrogen levels, and suppresses the production of luteinizing hormone. With severe premenstrual syndrome, a decoction of black cohosh will help normalize emotional instability, relieve pain and tension in the mammary glands.

Stinging nettle is used for uterine bleeding, cervical erosion, anemia, to enhance lactation. The leaves of the medicinal plant are mainly used.

The boron uterus and the red brush have been used by women for many centuries as a means of treating the reproductive sphere. The most commonly used alcohol tincture and decoction.

Evening primrose, or biennial primrose, is a medicinal plant that helps to normalize hormonal levels, cope with mastopathy, hot flashes. Primrose seed oil is widely used to treat eczema and arthritis.

Salvia officinalis is used to treat infertility, miscarriages, excessive sweating during menopause, to stop lactation after breastfeeding.

Can only herbs be used for gynecological problems

Traditional medicine is very popular, but herbs can only be used as an adjunct to the main therapy prescribed by a doctor. And for any gynecological problems, you should undergo a thorough medical examination. Self-medication with herbs can lead to the fact that the disease will progress and the patient to seek qualified help very late.

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