Unusual Ways To Escape The Heat

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Unusual Ways To Escape The Heat
Unusual Ways To Escape The Heat

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Of course, many people know how to beware of heat and sunstroke: drink more, do not go out with bare head, do not wear synthetic clothes and ventilate the premises. But there are unusual and also very effective techniques. What kind?

Unusual ways to escape the heat
Unusual ways to escape the heat


Step 1

Doctors recommend not to get involved in physical activity in the heat, especially those that cause a high consumption of oxygen, protein and sweating. These are strength training equipment, running, basketball and other games. It is better to switch to aerobic exercise for a while, which saturates the body with oxygen: swimming, walking, but not in the heat, but either early in the morning or late in the evening.

Step 2

Doctors advise to look at the greenery that surrounds us. They also advise wearing sunglasses with greenish glasses. This color stimulates well the nerve endings in the fundus, which is necessary to maintain normal tone and thermoregulation of the body. Green foods also have a cooling effect on the body.

Step 3

In the heat, dress brighter - this is necessary to stimulate the nerve endings of the retina. But it is better to do without red-fiery tones, and give preference to light green, light green, yellow colors. Moreover, the skin in the heat in such clothes "breathes" more easily.

Step 4

Eleutherococcus is able to increase the body's resistance to stress. Heat is also stressful. Eleutherococcus is a powerful natural stimulant and adaptogen that helps the body adapt to different external conditions. It should be consumed 25-30 drops a day for a couple of weeks.

Step 5

Rosemary and lemon balm are considered some of the best natural energizers. You need to brew them like tea, you can cool them, add lemon juice and mint - you get a wonderful refreshing lemonade. You can prepare it in the evening and drink it all the next hot day.

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