How To Avoid Damaging Your Spine

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How To Avoid Damaging Your Spine
How To Avoid Damaging Your Spine

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The skeleton is the foundation on which we can lean. With the help of this skeleton, we are able to walk and perform actions of any complexity. The spine is the main element of the skeleton, the connecting rod that unites all its parts. In order not to damage this "core" and not to remain disabled, you must follow some rules.


It is customary to distinguish four sections in the spine: sacral, lumbar, thoracic, and cervical. Each department consists of separate elements - vertebrae. Their friction with each other is prevented by intervertebral discs, which protect them when walking and jumping.

Neurologists say that a modern person, whether he wants it or not, will hurt and suffer from pain in the spine. This is the rock of a Homo sapiens, and it is associated with upright posture. But, if you behave correctly, the disease can be postponed in time.

Human life is diverse. Two periods can be distinguished in it: everyday and festive. In any of them, a person will experience stress on the spine. Sooner or later, diseases will arise, ranging from osteochondrosis and ending with an intervertebral hernia. Osteochondrosis is now not even considered a disease. This is already a state of the spine that arises as a result of our life.

Herniated disc is a threatening condition. It occurs due to the fact that two adjacent vertebrae squeeze the intervertebral disc together with the neurovascular bundle. This disease can result in disability.

Festive period

A wedding can be attributed to this period. There is a widespread tradition at the holiday - to wear a bride. It may be romantic and beautiful, but not for the groom himself. He carries the bride in front of him at the level of the abdomen, while his arms are in a bent state. They act as levers to double the bride's weight. A young, healthy groom will not notice this load, but a newly-made groom at an age may not cope with the burden and end up on the ballot, and in the worst case, he will "thunder" in the hospital.


There are two safe positions for this situation:

  • Position N1. The bride is behind the groom's back, holding on to his neck, and the groom supports her legs. This is called the riding position.
  • Position N2. The bride is in front and also holds onto the groom's neck. He supports the bride's legs, and she wraps her legs around the groom's waist.

Of course, it does not look as aesthetically pleasing as we would like, but it is much safer for the groom's spine: it remains straight, and the load is distributed along its axis.

Household period

This is our everyday life when we have to carry heavy things. Unfortunately, while health is good, we do it thoughtlessly. For example, we need to move a heavy load that lies on the ground. To do this, you need to bend over, take it, straighten up and move it to the right place. The result of such a routine action can be disastrous and will end in a similar way to that of the groom.


To avoid injury, sit down next to the load and wrap your arms around it. Now stand up keeping your back straight. Most likely, it will not be as convenient as if you do it in the usual way, but your spine is not injured.

Traumatologists do not recommend carrying weights in only one hand, because the load on the spine falls on the lateral projection. It is better to take approximately the same weight in two hands at the same time. Then the spine will remain straight, there will be no pinching of the intervertebral discs.

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