How To Sleep If You Can't Sleep

How To Sleep If You Can't Sleep
How To Sleep If You Can't Sleep

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People who have trouble falling asleep often wonder how to fall asleep if they cannot sleep. When you don't feel like sleeping, but you need to get up early, this can become a big problem.

How to sleep if you can't sleep
How to sleep if you can't sleep

First of all, it should be noted that a person can fall asleep quickly not in every position. Naturally, for a comfortable sleep, you need to get well in bed. There are times when finding the right pose is not easy. If you still don't know in which position you fall asleep faster, pay attention to how you wake up in the morning. This position should be suitable for comfortable falling asleep.

Remembering childhood, many note that they were recommended to sleep on their right side. However, modern scientists believe that still trying to fall asleep, if not sleeping, is better on the opposite side. Even pregnant women are advised to sleep on their left side, because this is how internal organs work much more efficiently at night.

It is also suggested to sleep with your head to the north. You can check for yourself whether this method works in practice, however, judging by the feedback from people, there is some truth in this.

To fall asleep faster when you are awake, you can come up with a specific evening ritual. The body will very quickly get used to such a sequence of actions and will immediately receive a signal that it is time to go to rest. Try to go to bed at the same time after, for example, evening exercises, brushing your teeth, or performing cosmetic procedures.

If you cannot relax before bed, you can take a warm bath with herbs (chamomile, string), stretch, do yoga, meditation. Reading books helps to tune in to sleep.

Note that it is better to read books not on an electronic device, since artificial light has an irritating effect on the body, and therefore it will be more difficult to fall asleep if you do not sleep. It is advisable to turn off all electrical appliances in half an hour to a hundred, put your phone, laptop, tablet away, and not watch TV.

You should let go of all thoughts before going to bed or try to think about good things. You can plan goals for the future day. However, such reflections should not be spent much time.

There is a very popular opinion that you cannot eat after six o'clock in the evening. But falling asleep quickly, if you can't sleep, is impossible not only on a full stomach, but also when it growls from malnutrition. Therefore, a couple of hours before bedtime, it is better to eat some protein foods. Low-fat cottage cheese or a glass of kefir is ideal.

A variety of irritants are often the cause of poor sleep. It can be not only noise from the street or from neighbors, but also other monotonous sounds like the ticking of a clock. If it is impossible to remove the irritants, you should look for other ways to solve the problem: turn on pleasant music in headphones or insert earplugs into your ears.

Fresh cool air contributes to a good sound sleep. Remember to ventilate your bedroom before going to bed.

If you can't sleep, a soothing hour with mint, lemon balm, lemon, chamomile, motherwort, valerian will help you fall asleep. At the pharmacy, you can buy a collection of sleeping herbs and drink half a cup of warm drink half an hour before bed.

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