How To Make A Hand Sanitizer At Home

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How To Make A Hand Sanitizer At Home
How To Make A Hand Sanitizer At Home

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Every day we are surrounded by a huge number of viruses and microbes. Today it is impossible to find an antiseptic in stores. Why not make an antiseptic at home? You will know for sure the composition of the product you are using. It is easy to make an antiseptic, and the composition can be chosen according to your preferences.

How to make a hand sanitizer at home
How to make a hand sanitizer at home


  • - bottle
  • - 70 ml of alcohol 96%
  • - 5 ml glycerin
  • - 24 ml of distilled water
  • - 1 ml of essential oils
  • - kitchen scales
  • - a glass
  • - spoon or stick


Step 1

The most important ingredient in an antiseptic is alcohol. It is 96 percent alcohol that helps protect us from germs and all sorts of viruses and bacteria. Formic alcohol or vodka is not suitable for making an antiseptic.

Step 2

We take the scales, ordinary kitchen scales will do, put a glass and begin to measure the ingredients. First we measure out 70 ml of alcohol, after which we measure out 5 ml of glycerin. Then add any essential oil. Antiseptic essential oils: tea tree oil, eucalyptus, lemon, lavender, thyme, mint, rosemary, green tea, cloves. But you can crush others, for example: grapefruit oil, pine oils.

Essential oils can be measured in drops, 1 ml contains 30 drops of essential oil. Add and mix with a spoon or stick, for example, from sushi. You can add two types of essential oils, then 15 drops each.

Step 3

And the last ingredient is distilled water. You can buy it at a store like auto parts. Boiled or filtered will not work. Add 24 ml of distilled water to the contents and mix. It turned out 100 ml of antiseptic. You can pour everything into a bottle and use it. The antiseptic turns out to be liquid, not gel-like, so it is advisable if the bottle is with a dispenser in the form of a spray. Due to glycerin and essential oils, the antiseptic will not dry your hands, it is convenient to take it with you, you can put it in your purse, and it will not spill.

In addition to your hands, do not forget that you can wipe things you use with an antiseptic, for example: phones, handle bag handles, doorknobs at home and in a car, steering wheel, stroller handles, etc. Essential oils and glycerin need not be added to the antiseptic for things.

Can be made with a margin and store the remainder in the refrigerator, pour into the bottle as needed.


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