How To Treat Teeth For A Nursing Mother

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How To Treat Teeth For A Nursing Mother
How To Treat Teeth For A Nursing Mother

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Dental problems often accompany breastfeeding women: due to milk production, the body is deficient in calcium and other essential minerals. Breastfeeding is not a reason to refuse to visit the dentist. Competent selection of drugs will make dental treatment safe for the baby.

dental treatment
dental treatment


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Many young mothers believe that lactation is incompatible with dental treatment, and they postpone going to the dentist until the end of the breastfeeding period. The condition of the teeth worsens in almost all lactating women, as calcium stores are passed on to the baby through breast milk. A child needs a lot of calcium to form a healthy bone structure. Calcium deficiency in the maternal body primarily affects dental health. It is not worth delaying the treatment: this can lead to serious problems, up to the loss of decayed teeth and inflammation in the oral cavity. In addition, tooth decay is a source of infection, compromises the immune system of a nursing woman and can negatively affect the health of the child.

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Dental treatment during lactation is allowed, but the doctor must be aware that the patient is breastfeeding in order to select the appropriate pain reliever. Modern anesthesia is safe for both mother and child. Preparations that do not contain adrenaline in their composition are even used to treat pregnant women: they do not penetrate the placental barrier and do not harm the child. The use of short-acting anesthetics during breastfeeding does not pose any threat to the baby: the anesthesia does not last too long, the medicine does not pass into breast milk, so a woman can feed the baby almost immediately after returning from the doctor. If during treatment a woman requires antibiotics, the drug should be compatible with breastfeeding ("Amoxiclav", "Azithromycin").

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Doctors recommend feeding the baby just before the procedure. Even if a small amount of the medicine enters the milk, by the time of the next feeding, the substance will be removed and will not be able to enter the baby's body. If the course of treatment is long and includes constant medication, you can express the milk supply and store it in the refrigerator so that, if necessary, feed the baby without putting it on the breast.

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In order to relieve a toothache at home, a nursing mother can take an anesthetic medication. The safest analgesic during lactation is "Paracetamol". A microscopic amount of the drug gets into milk, therefore, if the dosage is observed, it does not harm the child's body. If in doubt, the choice of the drug must be agreed with the attending physician.

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