How To Determine A Missed Pregnancy

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How To Determine A Missed Pregnancy
How To Determine A Missed Pregnancy

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A frozen pregnancy is a type of miscarriage. At first, as a rule, no prerequisites for the death of the unborn baby arise, everything goes on as usual. However, there comes a moment when the development of the fetus stops, as if it freezes. Sometimes a woman may not even notice the changes that have occurred.

How to determine a missed pregnancy
How to determine a missed pregnancy


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A frozen pregnancy can occur at any time, but more often this phenomenon occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy. In the early stages, it is very difficult to independently recognize a frozen pregnancy. It is necessary to be very careful about your condition if you have suddenly stopped toxicosis (provided that it was before), the basal temperature has increased, the heaviness in the mammary glands has passed. If you have these symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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At a later date, a frozen pregnancy is easier to determine, since the signs are clearly palpable: the fetus stops moving. In addition, bloody discharge is possible due to detachment of the ovum. However, sometimes the belly continues to grow. But this is no longer the growth of a small organism, but an increase in the membranes.

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With a frozen pregnancy, the body temperature sometimes rises, chills appear, and pulling pains in the lower abdomen occur.

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Only an obstetrician-gynecologist can reliably diagnose "missed pregnancy". Regardless of the period, it is determined, as a rule, on a planned ultrasound scan. The doctor notes the discrepancy between the size of the fetus and the gestational age, as well as the absence of a heartbeat. In this case, a blood test can sometimes give a result indicating the presence of pregnancy, within 2-3 weeks after the fetus freezes.

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When a frozen pregnancy is detected, the gynecologist usually prescribes medications that will lead to a miscarriage. If a frozen pregnancy occurs at a later date, then the natural occurrence of a miscarriage is expected. Sometimes a doctor may prescribe surgery. Then the uterine cavity is cleaned, treated with antibacterial drugs, and after a while an ultrasound scan is performed to identify possible consequences.

Step 6

A frozen pregnancy can go unnoticed for weeks or even months. Therefore, it is very important to visit a gynecologist in a timely manner and take all tests on time.

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