What Is A Missed Pregnancy

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What Is A Missed Pregnancy
What Is A Missed Pregnancy

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Frozen, or not developing, pregnancy is a dangerous pathology from the point of view of gynecology, leading to inflammatory processes and infertility. The main share of the risk group are women who lead an antisocial lifestyle on the eve of conception or while carrying an unborn child.

Why did our unborn child stand still?
Why did our unborn child stand still?

Frozen pregnancy - what is this pathology and why does it develop?

A frozen pregnancy is an anomaly characterized by a cessation of the development and growth of the fetus until its death. It can happen at any stage of pregnancy, but most often this trouble occurs in the first trimester, and it ends with inflammatory processes of the female genital area and other health deviations.

Symptoms of a frozen pregnancy are pronounced, so its diagnosis is not difficult. The disappearance of signs of a normally developing pregnancy should alert a woman, becoming a reason for an urgent appeal to a gynecologist. After examination and ultrasound, the picture will become clear completely.

Bloody discharge from the genital tract during pregnancy can signal the exfoliation of the ovum.

Causes of pregnancy fading at different times

There are many factors influencing the fading of pregnancy:

- hormonal disorders in the expectant mother;

- chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus;

- infectious diseases of the genital area;

- any chronic diseases;

- bad habits - smoking, drinking alcohol and drugs, etc.

Knowing the consequences of a frozen pregnancy, a woman should carefully monitor her health and respond in a timely manner to the slightest changes in well-being. Rare bleeding from the genital tract, cessation of fetal movement, mild pain in the lower abdomen are considered clear signs of deviation during pregnancy.

Symptoms of a frozen pregnancy

In some women, fetal freezing may not be accompanied by any signs. Other pregnant women may notice the cessation of toxicosis, if any, and an improvement in appetite. Pain arises in the mammary glands, but women do not attach importance to it, considering this as preparation of the breast for the upcoming feeding.

At home, it is very difficult to judge the presence of a frozen pregnancy, since deviations in health can be symptoms of any diseases that are not related to the genital area. In some women, the abdomen may increase in size further, and the results of blood tests confirm pregnancy. However, in the case of a frozen pregnancy, this indicates the development of an empty fetal membrane inside.

On examination by a gynecologist, an alarming signal should be the absence of a heartbeat in the fetus when listening to it. The ultrasound results confirm the arrest of development and death of the fetus.

As the death of the fetus is confirmed, the gynecologist calls an emergency birth and establishes the cause of the fading. The further possibility of a woman to have children depends on this event.

Prevention of a frozen pregnancy

To increase the chances of a successful bearing of a subsequent pregnancy, a woman should adhere to the following recommendations:

- undergo ultrasound diagnostics of the pelvic organs;

- prevent the development of infectious and viral diseases, excluding conditions in which you can freeze or get an infection;

- regularly take vaginal smears for examination in order to identify urogenital diseases;

- to provide materials for the TORCH-complex for the detection of infections dangerous during pregnancy.

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