How Melon Helps You Be Healthy

How Melon Helps You Be Healthy
How Melon Helps You Be Healthy

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If food is your medicine, then you won't bother doctors with your visits. Melon can definitely become one if you eat it correctly.

How Melon Helps You Be Healthy
How Melon Helps You Be Healthy

Melon belongs to the pumpkin family, a genus of cucumbers, oddly enough. It is thermophilic, its origin is associated with Central Asia, and in Turkmenistan every August there is a holiday - the Day of Turkmen Melon.

Raw melon is an excellent thirst quencher. You can also make many blanks from it: dry, dry, cook melon honey, candied fruits from it and make jam.

Useful properties of melon: vitamins A, P, C, sugar, carotenes, folic and ascorbic acid, fats, mineral salts of sodium, iron, potassium and fiber. In folk medicine, melon is used to maintain health, in particular:

- Heart and blood vessels. As you know, potassium and iron are good for the heart, because they are involved in the formation of blood cells. Therefore, if there are heart problems, then it can be "nourished" with the help of a melon. It is also useful for those who have lost a lot of blood.

- Women Health. The melon contains the so-called purely feminine substance - this is folic acid, which contributes to the normal functioning of the reproductive organs. Therefore, it should be eaten by those who have menstrual irregularities or during pregnancy. And silicon for bones, skin and hair is the most female helper that preserves youth and beauty.

- Immunity. One of the best means for strengthening the immune system is vitamin C. It will help in the prevention of colds and infectious diseases, and will also help to recover from illness.

- Obesity. Melon is low in calories, but at the same time filling. Eating a slice or two of melons for dinner can help you lose weight.

- Nervous system. Melon pulp is rich in substances that help in the production of the hormone responsible for good mood - serotonin. A couple of slices of melon will help your body to invigorate.

- Potency. In folk medicine, powder from dry melon seeds is used to strengthen male strength, this recipe has been known for a long time. This may be due to the fact that all nutrients in the seeds are in a concentrated state.


- Nutritionists say that melon cannot be combined with any other food. The fact is that it is not digested in the stomach, but in the intestines. And when eaten with other foods, it "gets stuck" in the stomach and begins to ferment. Gas appears, even nausea and vomiting, indigestion may occur.

- Despite the fact that with the help of melon you can lose weight, diabetics should take this advice carefully, because it contains a lot of sugars.

- Do not eat a lot of melons on an empty stomach - a vigorous process of bowel cleansing may begin.

- Melon is not compatible with alcoholic beverages

- After a melon, especially not to drink fermented milk products and cold water.

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