How To Quickly Strengthen The Immune System

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How To Quickly Strengthen The Immune System
How To Quickly Strengthen The Immune System

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The incidence rate increases from autumn to spring. Only a person with strong immunity can resist viruses and harmful bacteria. But not everyone knows how to increase it.

Strengthening immunity
Strengthening immunity

What weakens the immune system

When the immune system is weakened, it quickly succumbs to various viruses and bacteria. Any harmful microorganism can send a person to a hospital bed.

Reasons for decreased immunity:

  • improper diet, a small amount of vegetables and fruits in the diet;
  • increased physical activity;
  • hypodynamia;
  • inadequate sleep;
  • alcohol abuse, smoking;
  • living in an area with poor ecology.

These are only the main reasons for the weakening of the protective functions of the body. In fact, there are much more of them.


We strengthen the immune system

The first step is to begin to strictly adhere to sleep and nutrition patterns. Already on the second day, strength will appear, mood will improve.

You need to make it a rule to perform special exercises. It can be a banal morning exercise, jogging or yoga. Physical activity makes a person more vigorous, more enduring.

Hardening gives an excellent effect. If you are afraid of ice water, you can use a warm shower, but the water in it towards the end of the procedure should be smoothly cooled.


Accelerates the growth of immunoglobulins and visits to baths, saunas. In addition, blood circulation improves, and the risk of contracting infectious diseases decreases.

Compliance with the correct drinking regime also significantly strengthens the body. 2 liters of water should be drunk daily. Tea, coffee, cocoa, juice do not count.

Folk remedies for strengthening the body

Ginger is a storehouse of vitamins. He is able to quickly charge a person, give him strength. To do this, ginger must be grated and mixed with honey. If desired, you can add dried apricots and lemon juice to the mixture. The tool must be consumed in 3 tsp. in a day.


Garlic and onions are also able to quickly raise a person to their feet thanks to the phytoncides and essential oils contained in the composition.

Honey contains an extensive list of vitamins as well as flavonoids. This allows him to quickly restore the defenses of the human body. To feel the effect, honey must be consumed daily for a week.


Various herbs have a beneficial effect on the immune system:

  • echinacea,
  • licorice,
  • chamomile,
  • eleutherococcus,
  • ginseng,
  • lemon grass (sorghum),
  • St. John's wort,
  • lemongrass,
  • dandelion.

However, it should be remembered that herbal infusions must be taken with caution. You cannot overdo it, or even better, before using the broths, seek the advice of a qualified specialist.

It is important to approach the restoration of immunity in a comprehensive manner, gradually introducing into the diet as many vitamin products as possible, increasing physical activity. Then no weather conditions and viruses can cause serious harm to the body.

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