If You Constantly Want To Sleep

If You Constantly Want To Sleep
If You Constantly Want To Sleep

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If you constantly fall asleep, then perhaps the body is tired, or maybe it reports serious problems. And in fact, and in another case, you need to take action.

Sleeping man
Sleeping man

In winter, because of the short daylight hours and the lack of vitamins, you want to sleep more often. This problem is solved by the use of mineral complexes and a good, comfortable rest. Even your sleeping position can affect how you feel in the morning. It is better to replace tall pillows with flatter pillows or orthopedic ones, so that blood will flow to the brain more easily. If your back hurts, then the best solution is to sleep on your side. You can put a rolled up blanket or blanket between your knees. And the pregnancy pillow perfectly relieves stress from the lower back, even if you are not pregnant. The correct posture for sleeping is when all muscles are relaxed, breathing well and deeply.

By the way, the desire to take a nap may be due to a lack of oxygen. Try to ventilate the room you are in more often, or sometimes go outside for at least 5 minutes, get some air.

Overeating can also lead to problems. Blood flow to the stomach increases and other organs slow down. Therefore, there is a breakdown.

The sleep hormone is also highly dependent on light. In winter, the lack of energy can be made up by a trip to the solarium or brighter lamps in the apartment.

You should not invigorate yourself with coffee or energy drinks. The effect of this is short-lived and questionable. Organize the correct daily routine. The optimal time for sleep is 7-8 hours. Avoid stress, do not use gadgets before bed. But, if after that you sleep on the go, you should consult a doctor, because drowsiness is sometimes a sign of serious illness.

Anemia may very well be one of the reasons. Lack of iron causes drowsiness and dizziness, because the body's cells are poorly supplied with oxygen. Take a general blood test, see a therapist.

If, even after a full 8-hour sleep, you feel lethargic, and loved ones complain of loud snoring, you should consult a neurologist, perhaps this is apnea - short-term stops in breathing during sleep. You need to see a neurologist and get tested.

Disruption of the thyroid gland also disrupts metabolism and the body receives less energy. The main symptoms are dry skin, menstrual irregularities, lack of appetite, but weight gain. An endocrinologist can help.

Low blood pressure decreases the supply to the brain. There is a feeling of lack of air. Measure your blood pressure over several days and, if the reading is low, see your doctor.

Some medicines can also make you drowsy. Read the instructions carefully, especially if you need to drive or your work is associated with increased attention.

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