How Not To Overeat And Stay Full

How Not To Overeat And Stay Full
How Not To Overeat And Stay Full

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Who among us does not like a tasty and satisfying meal? Probably, there are not so many such people. However, eating high-calorie fatty foods in large quantities has a chance to gain excess weight, but this is not the worst thing, such unpleasant diseases as diabetes or obesity can develop. So what to do when you feel like eating, but you need to maintain your health and weight?

How not to overeat and stay full
How not to overeat and stay full

In fact, it is not difficult to do this, you just need to follow a few simple recommendations.

And most of us have a cup of tea or coffee for breakfast, some do it for lack of appetite in the morning, others because of lack of time. And here is the paradox, it would seem that the lack of breakfast reduces the total daily calorie intake, but in reality it turns out that the lack of food in the morning only leads to a gradual weight gain. Why is this happening? The fact is that refusing breakfast leads to overeating during the day, and nourishing and high-calorie meals are chosen for a snack. If there is no appetite at all in the morning, then one boiled egg, a piece of lean chicken, or at least a black bread sandwich with cheese must be added to a cup of coffee.

Probably everyone knows that water suppresses appetite, but perhaps few people know that water should be clean, raw and non-carbonated. If you do not want to drink a lot of water, then you can replace it with vegetables and fruits with a high fluid content. It is better to start any meal with a salad, vegetables that have settled to the bottom of the stomach are digested faster than the main course, which means that they will not ferment, besides, the abundance of fiber will help you get satiated much faster. Fiber is found not only in fruits and vegetables, there is quite a lot of it in legumes, cereals, and bran. Fiber-rich foods help the gastrointestinal tract function, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Fruits and vegetables are, of course, great, but you should not completely replace all food with them. The fiber contained in them perfectly satisfies hunger, but does not saturate the body with energy. Eating salads alone will lead to a constant feeling of hunger, and, in the end, it will lead to overeating.

You need to eat food only in silence, newspapers, magazines and gadgets should be put aside, the TV and computer should be turned off, if possible. Distracted by extraneous factors, a person eats much more.

Sometimes the body insistently demands a bun instead of an apple, but we forbid him to use sweet buns and lean on fruits and vegetables, thus trying to compensate for the need for sweets. Ultimately, you can gain many more calories from healthy foods. There is such a thing as a disease of hungry blood, when the body requires a certain type of food, it is quite impossible that this is not your whim, but a lack of some vitamins and trace elements, most likely glucose, which is contained in sweets.

Some manufacturers add various flavors, colorants, sweeteners, and flavor enhancers to food products. Some of them, such as monosodium glutamate, are addictive and want to eat this food over and over again. Therefore, when choosing food products, you must carefully read their composition.

Eating food on the go, a person does not have time to chew it well, and, therefore, not a homogeneous mass gets into the stomach, but poorly chewed heaps. Firstly, it greatly harms the stomach, and secondly, calories from unchewed food are absorbed much better.

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