Do Antibiotics Help At A Temperature

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Do Antibiotics Help At A Temperature
Do Antibiotics Help At A Temperature

Antibiotics have saved millions of human lives, and gained fame as a very powerful but very harmful medicine. As a result, the patients were divided into three groups. Some take antibiotics only as directed by a doctor. Others are afraid to take antibiotics at all. And still others take antibacterial drugs for any sneeze and fever. Which one is right?

Do antibiotics help at a temperature
Do antibiotics help at a temperature

What are antibiotics

Antibiotics are medicines used as antimicrobial agents. Their appearance in the 30s. XX century became a sensation. Medicines of this group are considered a powerful weapon in the fight against pathogens that have tormented humanity for several thousand years. Since then, antibiotics have entered our lives so much that 97% of Russians have 2-3 types of antibiotics in their home medicine cabinet. People freely buy them in a pharmacy, without waiting for a doctor's appointment.

Indications for the use of antibiotics

Antibiotics are prescribed only for bacterial infections; they are not effective for viral infections.

With ARVI and influenza, they are not prescribed, they will only have side effects. Some patients find antibiotics and sulfonamides to lower fever. The temperature in ARVI passes regardless of the antibiotic intake!

Bacterial sore throat is treated with antibiotics, but this diagnosis can only be made by culture. 99% of sore throats are caused by viruses and in no case require antibiotics.

Most pneumonias are of bacterial origin, in which case antibiotics are required.

The question of prescribing an antibiotic in each case should be decided only by a doctor during an internal examination!

Antibiotic damage

Antibiotics suppress not only the development of bacteria, but "kill" the natural intestinal microflora, which entails serious consequences: intestinal dysbiosis, weakening of the immune system, kidney damage, the appearance of allergies, etc. Many antibiotics are worse than alcohol "plant" our liver and clog it bile ducts. There is a formation of microflora resistant to the antibiotics used. Antibiotic resistance of bacteria and the emergence of superbugs is a very serious threat to humanity as a whole.

American scientists argue that frequent use of antibiotics increases the risk of cancer.

It is categorically impossible to take antibiotics that have expired, they are very dangerous.

Alternative treatment

For the treatment of many diseases, people have been using products and herbs containing natural antibiotics since ancient times. Natural antibiotics do not weaken, but strengthen the strength of the body and play an important role in the treatment of infections of mild to moderate severity. These products include: raspberries, viburnum, honey, horseradish, garlic, sea buckthorn. In addition, raspberries contain salicylic acid, which lowers body temperature without side effects. Viburnum berry tea helps with colds, flu, pneumonia, fever. Lingonberry in folk medicine is used as an antipyretic, wound healing, diuretic.

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