What Harms Our Brain

What Harms Our Brain
What Harms Our Brain

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Surely many of us have noticed that in the evening we get very tired and lose the ability to concentrate on anything. Apparently, the reason for all this is poor brain function. Why does this happen and how to avoid such a situation? There are several things that have a detrimental effect on human brain activity.

What Harms Our Brain
What Harms Our Brain

Lack of adequate sleep

According to WHO statistics, people began to sleep less by about 20%. From frequent sleep deprivation, the brain is unable to concentrate. If a person does not get enough sleep for a long time, his nerve cells die off.


Everyone knows how nicotine affects the human body. It has a detrimental effect on the lungs and heart, constricts blood vessels. Thus, it interferes with the normal blood supply to the brain and other organs.


If you experience a little stress, then it does not harm anything, but, on the contrary, makes the nervous system work efficiently. But from constant stress, your brain starts to think poorly and impairs the perception of cause and effect relationships.


In the morning, when you are going to work or school, you are usually in a hurry and do not have breakfast. And this affects your well-being and brain activity throughout the day.


People have long debated the benefits of sugar for the brain. However, it is not sugar itself that is useful, but glucose, which is found in some foods. Sugar levels can rise or fall sharply from sucrose.

Doing several things at once

In modern society, people who are able to do several things at the same time are highly valued. Only a person gets tired very quickly and does his job poorly.

Depressive state

Experts believe that sedatives and antidepressants are not the best way to affect the brain. In a depressed state, a person thinks worse.


Lack of light in humans results in insufficient oxygen supply and lowered mood, and nutrients are not supplied to the brain.

Lack of water

Water is the source of life, without it a person will die. If you do not drink enough water, then this is detrimental to your general condition.

Superfluous information

You read news on the Internet, browse newspapers, and spend time watching TV in the evening. Your brain stops absorbing information due to its overabundance. Learn to choose what you need and weed out the excess.

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