How To Quickly Heal A Burn

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How To Quickly Heal A Burn
How To Quickly Heal A Burn

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Careless handling of fire, hot liquids or incandescent objects leads to burns. You can also get a burn as a result of prolonged exposure to the sun. This traumatic injury is divided into four degrees. Deep, extensive lesions should be treated in a hospital under medical supervision. With a small degree of damage, a burn can be cured at home.

How to quickly heal a burn
How to quickly heal a burn


  • - aloe
  • - vitamin E
  • - pumpkin
  • - Kalanchoe
  • - potato
  • - dog-rose fruit
  • - sheet of coltsfoot
  • - wax
  • - vegetable oil


Step 1

Use aloe leaves to treat burns. Cut off the tip of one of the lower leaves, remove the skin and apply the pulp to the damaged area of ​​the skin. With continued use of the plant, the wound will heal quickly.

Step 2

Apply a vitamin E solution to the burn, which, in addition to the healing effect, will prevent scar formation. It is important that the burnt place at the time of applying the vitamin was already cooled under running cold water for at least 20 minutes.

Step 3

Peel the pumpkin, rub it on a fine grater and apply the resulting gruel to the affected area. Also, the rapid healing of burns is facilitated by the application of a mass prepared from a crushed leaf of a pinnate Kalanchoe.

Step 4

Place chopped raw potatoes over the burned area. Make a sterile bandage on top. Change the potato mass to fresh one as it warms up.

Step 5

Take equal amounts of rose hips and leaves of coltsfoot, chop. Pour a tablespoon of the resulting mixture with a glass of boiling water, leave for three hours. Make lotions with this solution, which not only contribute to the early healing of the burn, but also have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Step 6

If you are sunburned, sour cream works well. Lubricate the reddened areas with it, and soon the skin will recover.

Step 7

Dissolve 3 g of mummy in 100 grams of boiled water. Use a solution to irrigate damaged skin.

Step 8

Make a homemade wax and vegetable oil ointment. To do this, heat 200 ml of unrefined vegetable oil and dip a walnut-sized piece of refined beeswax into it. Cool and lubricate the burned areas.

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