Why Is Diamond Dust Dangerous?

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Why Is Diamond Dust Dangerous?
Why Is Diamond Dust Dangerous?

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Due to its amazing physical and chemical properties, diamond dust has found wide application in many industries. Some have even tried to use it in medicine to fight cancer. However, serious research in this area has proven that nanodiamonds are capable of destroying cells in the human body in a matter of minutes.

Why is diamond dust dangerous?
Why is diamond dust dangerous?

Diamond dust is formed during the transformation of diamonds into gemstones through special grinding. And, although “diamond dust” sounds romantic and looks beautiful, in fact, it causes irreparable harm to the human body.

What is the main blow?

Firstly, small fragments of diamond can cause irritation of the mucous membranes and a strong allergic reaction. Even on the skin, they remain chemically active and, in large quantities, can lead to a chemical burn, therefore, the stone can be polished only in a protective suit and glasses.

Secondly, getting into the air, dust particles create aerosols that settle directly in the lungs. In total, there are about 100 types of such heterogeneous systems that cause bronchitis, asthma, pneumoconiosis and other diseases of the respiratory system. Most of them are accumulative in nature, that is, they appear only as a result of prolonged and frequent inhalation of diamond dust.

Such reactions occur only when the particle size does not exceed 3 microns. If the dimensions are larger, then problems of a completely different kind may arise.

Direct effect of diamond dust on the human body

In addition to the fact that diamond dust, which mainly contains carbon, can lead to burns and allergies, there is also another side of the coin. Large diamond fragments have sharp edges, which only exacerbate the effect. And if this substance can be inactivated on the skin, then, getting into the lungs and bronchi, sharp corners cut right into the tissue. As a result, not only a severe cough can occur, but even bleeding.

In addition, diamond dust can damage all organ systems. Once in the tissues, it enters the bloodstream, sticks to the walls of blood vessels, spreads throughout the body, primarily, damaging the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

How to deal with this?

When working with diamond dust, you must use a special protective suit, which includes a gown made of special fabric, gloves, a hat and goggles. Each element is made of special materials with a minimum pore size so that diamond particles do not get stuck in them.

If the diamond dust has nevertheless entered the body, then you should not wait for the results, but you should immediately contact a medical institution and undergo an examination. Knowing the extent of the lesion, the doctor will be able to prescribe procedures to cleanse the damaged organ system.

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