Why Does Silver Jewelry Darken?

Why Does Silver Jewelry Darken?
Why Does Silver Jewelry Darken?

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Silver jewelry is quite popular. It can be earrings, rings, a body chain with a cross or an elegant bracelet. Often, the owners of silver jewelry notice that over time, the products begin to darken, for some it happens in a few months or even years, while for others it happens instantly, literally in a couple of days. Why is this happening?

Why does silver jewelry darken?
Why does silver jewelry darken?

If you believe the signs of our ancestors, then the darkening of the chain or pectoral cross indicates that an evil eye or damage has been imposed on its owner, and the faster and stronger the cross darkens, the stronger the spell. It was also believed that one can get rid of the evil eye and damage by returning the cross to its original appearance.

Some elderly people, on the contrary, are sure that silver products take away all the negative directed at the owner of the jewelry, and darkened silver indicates that the person has avoided serious illness, trouble or problems.

Often the reason for the darkening of the crosses is a deterioration in health. There is a certain logic in this, because with the onset of the disease, the composition of sweat changes, in which the amount of sulfur that reacts with the decoration increases, and giving them a darker shade. The thing is that for the manufacture of silver jewelry, not pure metal is used, but its alloy with copper, which just reacts with sulfur. The higher the quality of the products, that is, the sample of the decoration, the less copper there will be in it, respectively, the less often such jewelry will darken.

SARS, flu, tonsillitis and many other diseases that are accompanied by a high temperature, and then its decrease, are characterized by increased sweating, and sweat, as we already know, contains a certain amount of sulfur, which interacts with copper, this may be one of the reasons darkened silver.

Increased sweating and always speaks of some kind of disease, it often occurs during stressful situations, heavy physical exertion, and in hot weather, of course.

Also, the reason for the darkening of silver jewelry can be hormonal changes in the body, this is observed in adolescence, during pregnancy, menopause or with diseases of the thyroid gland.

It so happens that the product darkens even without contact with human skin. Why is this happening? If the decoration lies in a room where the humidity is high and there is no air circulation, then it is quite natural that the concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the air increases, which affects the copper that is part of the decoration and causes darkening of the items.

When visiting a pool or going to the sea, it is better to refuse silver jewelry, because the water also contains a certain amount of sulfur.

In addition, some ointments and even decorative cosmetics are prepared using sulfur components, which can also affect silver jewelry.

If all factors leading to darkening of silver are excluded, jewelry is removed with increased physical activity, in hot weather and before bathing, ointments and cosmetics containing sulfur are not used, and jewelry still darkens, then this is a good reason to visit a doctor and conduct a comprehensive examination of the body …

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