Why Are Shoes Made Of Artificial Materials Harmful?

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Why Are Shoes Made Of Artificial Materials Harmful?
Why Are Shoes Made Of Artificial Materials Harmful?

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The modern consumer, in pursuit of economy, often prefers shoes made of artificial materials, which look no less reliable and attractive than high-quality expensive shoes. However, such savings can quickly turn into frustration and even unpleasant health consequences.

Why are shoes made of artificial materials harmful?
Why are shoes made of artificial materials harmful?

The harm of inexpensive shoes

First of all, artificial materials from which fashionable and affordable shoes are made do not allow the skin of the feet to "breathe", which ultimately leads to increased sweating and the appearance of various fungi. Even the most modern versions of synthetic substitutes for natural materials cause sweating, unpleasant foot odor and irritation - all these factors result from the multiplication of bacteria in the cramped space of low-quality shoes.

The harm to human health due to wearing shoes made of artificial materials has been repeatedly noted by doctors.

In addition to unpleasant-smelling feet and fungal diseases, such shoes can also threaten with calluses, as well as deformation of the foot, which artificial materials simply cannot keep in an anatomically correct position. This is especially true for children whose feet are just beginning to grow and form correctly, as well as adults suffering from joint diseases and gout. In this case, the only possible option is shoes made of high quality genuine leather, which will allow the skin to "breathe" and provide the feet with optimal load distribution.

Miser pays twice

Another huge disadvantage of shoes made of artificial materials is their fragility - usually they withstand one or two seasons, after which they begin to deteriorate. Cracks appear on the surface of the shoe, the sole literally peels off, and the seams are disheveled and spread apart. Thus, inexpensive shoes, boots or boots quickly lose their attractive appearance and functionality, forcing their owner to go for a new pair of shoes.

In addition to the next purchase, the owner will most likely also have to fork out for various ointments for spoiled skin of the legs.

Despite the belief of some people that shoes made from natural materials are a luxury and a waste of money, many well-known brands offer excellent, high quality products at affordable prices. In addition, you can buy inexpensive good shoes through special promotions or seasonal big sales, which many stores hold quite often. Thus, it is more profitable to buy one pair of high-quality shoes or boots than to constantly change short-lived and harmful shoes made of artificial materials.

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