How Not To "pick Up" Nail Fungus

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How Not To "pick Up" Nail Fungus
How Not To "pick Up" Nail Fungus

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Nail fungus, or onychomycosis, is a series of diseases that are similar in symptoms and are caused by various pathogens. As a result, the nails become white or yellow, deformed, thickened, crumbled. Nail fungus multiplies by spores, they scatter from the affected area and thus migrate to a new host.

How not
How not

What to do to avoid getting infected with nail fungus

Onychomycosis most commonly affects the toenails. The main risk groups are visitors to swimming pools, saunas, baths and fitness clubs, as well as all public places where they go barefoot. The likelihood of contracting a fungus also increases if a person has a habit of trying on someone else's shoes, if he has injured toes or weakened immunity. In older people, nail fungus occurs much more often than in children, due to diseases associated with old age (for example, diabetes mellitus) and a reduced defense of the body as a whole.

Like other diseases, onychomycosis is easier to prevent than cure. It is important to strengthen your health and improve immunity, healthy people are more resistant to fungal infection than everyone else. In order not to "pick up" nail fungus, you should not walk barefoot in public places (showers, saunas, swimming pools, beaches). Interchangeable shoes are recommended. A pedicure should be done only in trusted salons, where you can make sure that the instruments are thoroughly disinfected. Do not paint your nails with varnish too often. You must never wear someone else's shoes.

More than half of cases of fungal infection occur in the family circle. Infection occurs through contact with a sick person or with the things of a sick person (bath mat, nail scissors, towels, clothes, shoes). Therefore, if someone in the family suffers from onychomycosis, you need to be especially vigilant. The bath should be thoroughly disinfected after the sick person has washed there. Sponges, washcloths should be regularly soaked in 5% chloramine solution for an hour. The linen used by the sick person should be boiled with linen powder for 25-30 minutes.

Prevention of nail fungus

For everyday wear, it is better to buy comfortable shoes made from natural breathable materials. To try it on, be sure to use socks. When wearing it, it is important to ensure that the nail area is not subjected to constant deformation or pressure. Do not wear shoes that are wet with sweat or water until they are completely dry. The inner surface of the shoe must be regularly disinfected with special agents.

If there are calluses, abrasions on the legs, the legs often sweat, or, on the contrary, are too dry, this can provoke a fungal infection. It is necessary to use creams that prevent the formation of calluses, to soften dry skin of the feet. If you sweat heavily, use talcum powder. After washing, you need to wipe your feet dry, especially in the areas between the toes, and treat them with special antifungal creams and powders. It is required to change stockings and socks daily.

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