How To Lose Weight With Cucumber Salads

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How To Lose Weight With Cucumber Salads
How To Lose Weight With Cucumber Salads

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Usually, all diets involve a lot of fluid intake. Following a cucumber diet, it is not necessary to do this, because cucumbers already consist mainly of water. Its content in them is 95%. The rest of the cucumber is natural fiber, which cleanses the human body of toxins. Also, fiber is very useful for the skin. The diuretic property is another characteristic of cucumbers, which is very important for weight loss.

How to lose weight with cucumber salads
How to lose weight with cucumber salads


  • - cucumbers
  • -greens
  • -black pepper
  • -tomatoes
  • -eggs
  • -lean meat
  • -vegetable oil
  • -sour cream
  • -mayonnaise


Step 1

Two kilograms of cucumbers are cut into large pieces. This salad can be seasoned with various types of vegetable oils and mayonnaise. But you should not overdo it with mayonnaise, put it no more than thirty grams on a plate with salad. Pepper the salad. You can add any greens. Parsley, dill, and a variety of dry herbs are good options. It should be remembered that this salad cannot be salted! Some are ready for anything, just not to give up salt. We'll have to endure a little.

Step 2

The next option for slimming cucumber salad also provides for two kilograms of cucumbers, but it should be seasoned with sour cream. The fat content of sour cream should be low. Kefir is also very good for dressing. In addition to spices and herbs, you can also crumble two boiled chicken eggs into this salad.

Step 3

Another salad is made from cucumbers and tomatoes. The number of tomatoes should be 50% of the amount of cucumbers. A little meat is put in the salad, but the meat must be low-fat. You can fill it with the same types of dressing as for the first two options - vegetable oil, sour cream or mayonnaise.

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