What Are The Reasons For Male Impotence?

What Are The Reasons For Male Impotence?
What Are The Reasons For Male Impotence?

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The most fearless man can experience terror and confusion when he unexpectedly crashes in bed. At the most inopportune moment, the "main weapon" can misfire and destroy self-confidence. In such cases, there is no need to talk about the mental and moral state of a man, it provokes a series of subsequent failures, plunges him into a deep depression and sometimes leads to a break in relations. What causes erection problems?

What are the reasons for male impotence?
What are the reasons for male impotence?

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction characterized by insufficient stiffness of the penis when excited. Every man has experienced an erectile dysfunction at least once in his life, but they speak of pathology only when failure follows in more than 25% of cases.

Who is at risk?

Very often psychological factors are considered to be the cause of erectile dysfunction. Of course, stress and overstrain can trigger the mechanism of physical problems. But, according to statistics, only about 20% of erectile disorders have a psychogenic basis. Most often, dysfunction occurs as a complication of various, primarily vascular diseases.

Thus, arterial hypertension leads to damage to the walls of blood vessels, as a result of which they lose elasticity and the flow of blood to organs, including the penis, is disrupted.

Elevated cholesterol levels are dangerous because plaques and blood clots form in the vessels, which can clog the lumen in the arteries, this also applies to the penile artery, which feeds the male genital organ.

Smoking and alcohol are the absolute enemies of masculinity, in the first case, vasospasm occurs, which impedes the outflow of blood to the genitals, in the second case, testosterone levels in drinking men quickly decrease.

One of the organic causes of erectile dysfunction is endocrine disorders, which include, in particular, diabetes mellitus. In severe hormonal disorders, the production of the male sex hormone testosterone decreases with known consequences. Often hormonal problems provoke obesity, which is dangerous because in excess adipose tissue, the male hormone testosterone is converted into female estradiol.

Persistent erectile dysfunction is also observed with a pituitary tumor. Sometimes a lack of erection may be the only symptom of this condition.

Sclerotherapy of the corpora cavernosa of the penis can be one of the reasons for insufficient erection. In this case, the thin and elastic tissue of the cavernous bodies is replaced by coarse connective tissue, as a result of which the blood supply of the organ is disturbed.

A depressing effect on sexual function can be exerted by medications that affect the central nervous system, including psychotropic, antihistamines, antihypertensive and other drugs.

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