Why Is Mineral Water Useful And Which One Is Better?

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Why Is Mineral Water Useful And Which One Is Better?
Why Is Mineral Water Useful And Which One Is Better?

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People have long known about the benefits of mineral water: it cleanses the body, heals it, removing toxins and toxins, and speeds up metabolism. But there are many types of this healing liquid, and in order not to harm your health, you need to know the differences between them.

Why is mineral water useful and which one is better?
Why is mineral water useful and which one is better?

Medicinal properties - characteristics

The first, and perhaps the most significant property of water is its ability to accelerate the rate of almost all metabolic processes in the body. The gastrointestinal tract receives the main stimulation. Many people use mineral water as a preventive measure against diseases of the stomach, esophagus and intestines, on the advice of professionals in the field of dietetics and healthy eating.

For females who take care of their figure, medicinal mineral water will strengthen the walls of the stomach and at the same time will help the intestines to remove all unnecessary organic residues. Another advantage of the healing mineral water is its beneficial cosmetic effect on the skin of the face and hair. Using mineral spring water every week to rinse your hair will not only make your hair more beautiful and shiny, but also improve its health.

Also, no less often, mineral springs are used as a treatment for coughs and throat diseases. Please note that when heated, the mineral components do not lose their main healing properties.

What kind of mineral water has healing properties

The modern market for goods and services offers a huge assortment of various types of mineral water. All produced mineral products can be classically subdivided into two large subgroups: mineral waters and medicinal ones.

Table mineral water is a product that is mass produced only for the purpose of quenching a person's thirst. The content of minerals in it does not exceed 1 g per dm3 and it can be drunk in any quantity.

Medicinal mineral water has different characteristics. Mineralization in such water is over 10 grams. It is products of this type that contain increased concentration mixtures, consisting of salt and mineral substances. You can drink healing mineral water only in small doses as prescribed by your doctor. If you make a list of the most famous medicinal waters, then it will include such brands as: "Essesentuki", "Karmadon", "Donat".

There is also a variety - medicinal-table mineral water with a mineral content ranging from 1 to 10 grams per dm3. It must be consumed with caution and in certain quantities.

The composition of medicinal mineral water is also different. It depends on him which water will be the best option for a particular person.

So, hydrocarbonate waters are recommended for those who go in for sports, as well as for the treatment of urolithiasis, kidneys. In addition, these waters are beneficial for diabetes. For people suffering from gastritis, they are completely contraindicated.

Chloride mineral water stabilizes the work of the intestines and biliary tract, useful in liver diseases. You can not use them with high blood pressure.

Sulfate mineral water helps to cope with diseases of the gallbladder, liver, however, it is completely contraindicated in children, due to the fact that it slows down the growth of bones.

Magnesium waters help to normalize the nervous system, improve blood circulation. In case of stomach problems, they should not be consumed.

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