Can Children Drink Mineral Water: Pros And Cons

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Can Children Drink Mineral Water: Pros And Cons
Can Children Drink Mineral Water: Pros And Cons

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Mineral water is popularly called "living water" for its high content of various medicinal elements. Mineral water is washed, with its help inhalation is done. However, most often it is used for its intended purpose - they drink it. Opinions about whether children can drink mineral water are divided into two camps: for and against. Before buying any brand of healthy water for your child, you need to take into account all the nuances.

Can children drink mineral water: pros and cons
Can children drink mineral water: pros and cons

Mineral water in the children's menu: why is it needed?

Mineral waters are subdivided into natural and artificially mineralized. Natural ones are extracted from the bowels of the earth, and artificial ones are enriched with minerals and salts with the help of appropriate equipment. In accordance with Russian GOSTs, the total mineralization of waters must be at least 1 g / l, and the amount of active microcomponents must not be lower than balneological standards (iron content at least 10 mg / cubic dm., Carbon dioxide 500 mg / cubic dm., Iodine 5 -10 mg / cubic dm., Silicon 50 mg / cubic dm. And organic matter not less than 5-15 mg / cubic dm.)

Healthy people can consume large quantities of water, the mineralization of which is up to 1 g / cubic meter. dm. inclusive. This water is called table water. There are also medicinal-table (with mineralization from 1 to 10 g / cubic dm.) And medicinal mineral waters (with the content of salts and minerals from 10 to 15 g / cubic dm.), The use of which should take place according to the doctor's prescription.

Mineral water intended specifically for children is a myth, an advertising move to attract buyers. In most cases, this is ordinary table mineral water. Pediatricians are inclined to believe that the optimal children's age for drinking mineral water is over two years. Before that, almost all the necessary trace elements can be obtained by a child with mother's milk.

Since children often suffer from impaired bowel movements, half a cup of mineral water 15 minutes before each meal helps to regulate the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. A significant plus of mineral water for children is the rapid quenching of thirst and replenishment of the salt balance in hot weather, because children are most often fidgets and sweat faster while moving. It is also beneficial to improve blood circulation, lipid metabolism and cleanse the body of toxins.

Nutritionists agree that water obtained in the native region or nearby areas is better absorbed. The deeper the well, the more likely the benefits are.

Cons of mineral water

If you follow the precautions and do not abuse mineral water, there will be no harm from it. Children can drink table water up to 5 glasses a day.

There are no absolute contraindications to the use of mineral water, however, each brand has its own chemical composition, so you should carefully read the information on the label. For example, the chlorine content increases the secretion of gastric juice, while the presence of sulfides, on the contrary, decreases it.

Carbonated mineral water in children can cause bloating and flatulence. In addition, in supermarkets, mineral water is most often found in refrigerators, and cold water with gas, when it enters the warm acidic environment of the stomach, can lead to undesirable reactions and even cause a rupture of the esophagus.

It should also be remembered that mineral waters are enriched with salt, and salt tends to accumulate in the body. Sometimes the best option for a child may simply be carefully filtered tap water.

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