How To Prepare Fir Water

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How To Prepare Fir Water
How To Prepare Fir Water

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Fir water is a by-product of the essential oil manufacturing process. But, despite this, it has healing properties and is often used in medicine as an anti-inflammatory, wound healing and immunostimulating agent. There are several ways to prepare fir water.

How to prepare fir water
How to prepare fir water


  • - fir needles;
  • - bottle with lid;
  • - fir essential oil;
  • - 100 ml of warm boiled water;
  • - asbestos sheet;
  • - 2 flat-bottomed flasks with a wide neck;
  • - laboratory (chemical) refrigerator;
  • - Wurtz nozzle;
  • - allonge;
  • - 2 rubber hoses;
  • - 96-degree alcohol;
  • - dark glass container.


Step 1

Take 5 tbsp. l. fir needles, finely chop and pour 1 liter of water. Put on fire until boiling, then reduce the intensity of heating and simmer for another 10 minutes. Insist the resulting broth for 12 hours in a thermos. After the specified time has elapsed, remove the film of essential oil that has formed on the surface, and strain the liquid through several layers of gauze.

Step 2

Pour 100 ml of warm boiled water into a bottle. Put 3-5 drops of fir essential oil in it. Close the lid and shake vigorously for 10 minutes. Use the fir water obtained in this way immediately after preparation.

Step 3

Cut the needles and fill a third of a wide-necked flat-bottomed glass flask with them. Top up with water so that the flask is half full. Using the Würz attachment, connect the flask to the refrigerator. Place the entire structure on the stove.

Step 4

Place a small asbestos sheet underneath the bottom of the flask to evenly and slowly heat the bottom of the flask.

Step 5

Connect rubber hoses to the upper and lower fittings of the refrigerator. Connect the hose from the lower fitting to the water tap. Lead the hose from the upper fitting to the drain hole of the sink. Using an allonge, connect the outlet of the refrigerator to an empty flask in which condensate will collect.

Step 6

Turn on the stove, then cold tap water. Under the influence of heat, the water with fir needles will boil, the steam will collect in the refrigerator, condense and turn into a liquid consisting of essential oil and water.

Step 7

Reduce the heating intensity of the asbestos sheet immediately after boiling. Turn off the stove when the water with the needles has evaporated by half.

Step 8

Take the flask in which the condensation has collected. Its contents are divided into two parts: the upper one is fragrant (fir) water, the lower one is fir essential oil. Drain the fir water into a dark glass container, add 10-15% 96-degree ethyl alcohol to it. Store in a cool, dark place.

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