How To Use Black Currant For Health And Beauty

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How To Use Black Currant For Health And Beauty
How To Use Black Currant For Health And Beauty

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Flavonoids contained in the leaves, berries and buds of black currant are biologically active substances. Also, this plant contains many other vitamins necessary for humans.

How to use black currant for health and beauty
How to use black currant for health and beauty


Step 1

All kinds of masks are made from currants, as well as from many other berries and fruits. If the skin of your face has become dry and pigmented, then mix black currant, passing it through a grater, with sour cream or yogurt. The proportions of the ingredients must be equal. Apply this mixture to the skin so that it lies in an even layer and keep it on for 20 minutes. After the time has passed, remove the mask from the face by rinsing it with warm water.

Step 2

Also, black currant helps a lot in the fight against excess weight. To do this, mix 25 grams of black currant leaves or berries, previously chopped, 10 grams of lemon pulp and 25 grams of red grape leaves. Then add 50 grams of stinging nettle leaves to the same place. Brew 1, 5 tablespoons of the resulting mixture with 250 milliliters of boiling water and leave for 20 minutes. Drink this infusion for 3-4 doses per day.

Step 3

If you are tormented by rheumatism and constant swelling, then black currant may come in handy here. To do this, pour 2 heaped teaspoons of currant leaves with 250 milliliters of cold water. Bring this mixture to a boil, heating over a fairly low heat, then strain through a sieve. Drink 2-3 cups of the resulting broth a day.

Step 4

Now such a disease as gastritis is very common, and both adults and children suffer from it. If you have gastritis with low acidity, then blackcurrant tincture will help in its treatment. Take 20 grams of fresh leaves of this plant, mix them with one liter of white wine. Insist this mixture for 15 days. Take before meals 100 milliliters of the resulting tincture.

Step 5

It is possible to restore the body after severe infectious diseases with the help of an infusion of black currant berries, common blueberries and black elderberries. Mix all ingredients in equal proportions. Pour 2 teaspoons of this mixture with one glass of boiling water. Let the infusion stand for 1 hour, then drink it in the morning and evening.

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