How To Take A Blood Sugar Test Correctly

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How To Take A Blood Sugar Test Correctly
How To Take A Blood Sugar Test Correctly

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A blood sugar test is one of the most frequently recommended for modern people. After all, it allows you to confirm or deny the development of diabetes, as well as determine the presence of a number of other serious diseases. But? for the analysis to be reliable, it must be passed correctly.

How to take a blood sugar test correctly
How to take a blood sugar test correctly

Usually, a blood sugar test is prescribed when the patient complains of weakness, rapid fatigue, thirst (especially unfounded). Such symptoms usually tell the endocrinologist that diabetes may have already begun to develop. In addition, sugar testing as a preventive study also does not hurt.

Especially you need to monitor your health for people who have a history of relatives with a disease such as diabetes. It is advisable for such patients to regularly donate blood for sugar.

How to take a blood sugar test

In order for the results to be correct and correct, it is necessary to follow several fairly simple rules for taking a blood sugar test.

He must definitely give up on an empty stomach. In addition, a temporary break after the last meal is also important - it should be at least 12 hours. During all this time, only drinking is allowed, and only water.

Remember, in order not to distort the results of the analysis, drink only clean drinking water. It is better not to use mineral water, despite the fact that it is salty. Naturally, you need to give up juices and soda.

Before taking a blood test for sugar, doctors do not even recommend brushing your teeth, because the paste contains various dyes and additives that penetrate the body and can affect the results of the study. The same goes for chewing gum.

The analysis itself is taken from the finger. The procedure is the same as for taking the general analysis. However, sometimes such a study is prescribed in a complex, and then doctors take blood from a vein.

There are situations when a person has an immunity to glucose. In this case, on an empty stomach, his glucose level is normal, but after eating it rises sharply. In such a situation, it is recommended to take a glucose tolerance test twice in the morning. First on an empty stomach, then have something to eat and then donate blood again.

Home blood sugar test

Modern industry does not stand still and today people are offered a huge number of devices that allow them to measure blood sugar at home on their own. The principle of operation of glucometers is quite simple: the patient pricks his own finger with a special needle, which is included in the kit. Then he drips a drop of blood onto a special test strip in a strictly designated place, after which the device analyzes the data obtained.

The principle of preparation at home for research is exactly the same as in hospital. Only the result you will receive instantly and there is no need to stand in line.

Naturally, if you want to get the most accurate results - up to the thousandths - you better go to the clinic and donate blood to the laboratory. But it is worth remembering that glucometers give a fairly high percentage of accuracy. Take a blood test correctly so that you do not have to be treated for the wrong diagnosis.

If, according to the tests, everything is in order for you, but at the same time there are symptoms similar to those that appear with diabetes, go through a full examination to establish the exact cause of your ailment.

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