Blood From The Anus Is An Alarming Symptom

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Blood From The Anus Is An Alarming Symptom
Blood From The Anus Is An Alarming Symptom

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Bleeding from the anus is always an alarming symptom. It can be both a rather harmless hemorrhoid, and serious damage to the intestines or stomach.

Blood from the anus is an alarming symptom
Blood from the anus is an alarming symptom

Blood from the anus - what kind of disease?

Blood, or even its clots, can come out of the anus in a wide variety of diseases. It can be both a completely harmless anal fissure, and serious lesions of the large intestine - polyps, as well as ulcerative colitis or a dangerous infectious disease. It is also possible to discharge blood from the anus in the elderly, pregnant women, people with HIV, as well as those infected with worms. In any case, bleeding is a serious symptom that requires immediate medical attention.

Small, overlooked bleeding may be the only sign of rectal cancer for many years. At risk are people over 40-45 years old, as well as those whose relatives have had cancer.

Blood from the anus - why is it flowing?

Most often, the anus bleeds after passing hard stool, when cracks have formed in the colon. The reasons for their appearance can be different - from malnutrition to physiological characteristics that contribute to their formation. Often cracks in the anus occur after constipation when a person tries to push hard. Or during childbirth, when a woman severely strains her pelvic muscles. At this time, a rupture of the hemorrhoidal node occurs (which the woman in labor might not have known about before giving birth). After a rupture has formed, blood may flow out in a thin trickle, which can be seen on toilet paper, or be visible on feces. It is necessary to go to the doctor in any case. He will find out the reasons for the appearance of the crack, conduct an examination to diagnose hemorrhoids and other diseases of the colon, prescribe a diet and medications.

In order to find out the cause of bleeding from the anus, the doctor will examine it, and also prescribe special procedures - colonoscopy or irrigoscopy.

When blood does not just drip from the anus, but flows strongly, if liquid feces or mucus are mixed with it, this is a reason for immediate hospitalization. Especially if a high fever has risen, or severe abdominal pains, cramps, and vomiting have begun. Such symptoms occur with serious, life-threatening intestinal infections, with HIV and peptic ulcer disease. You should not treat bleeding on your own, you still have to go to the hospital, and the sooner this happens, the better.

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