What Does A Spiral Look Like In The Uterus

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What Does A Spiral Look Like In The Uterus
What Does A Spiral Look Like In The Uterus

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Almost all women are faced with the issue of contraception. One of the reliable and proven methods is the intrauterine device, which is still in demand today.

What does a spiral look like in the uterus
What does a spiral look like in the uterus

Types of spirals

Intrauterine devices are made of plastic and are of two types: spirals containing copper (silver) and spirals containing hormones. Their size is 3X4 cm. The choice of the method of contraception and the coil itself takes place at the reception of the gynecologist. You should not do this on your own. The intrauterine device is installed by a gynecologist during menstruation. It is small in size and resembles the shape of the letter T.

Copper spiral is made from copper wire. Its feature is the ability to act on the uterus in such a way that the egg cannot attach to it. This is facilitated by two copper tendrils.

The hormone coil has a container that contains a progestin. This hormone prevents the onset of ovulation. In the case of using a hormonal intrauterine device, the sperm cannot fertilize the egg. As women note, when using such a spiral, menstruation becomes leaner and less painful. However, this does not bring harm, because it is associated with the action of hormones inside the spiral. Gynecologists recommend that women suffering from painful periods install a hormonal coil.

Spiral selection

Gynecological intrauterine devices are of different brands, both domestic and foreign. In addition, their cost can vary from 250 rubles to several thousand. This is influenced by many factors.

The Juno Bio spiral is quite popular among Russian women. It attracts, first of all, by its low cost. However, the low efficiency of the action of this coil entails a high risk of pregnancy.

The Mirena intrauterine device has proven itself well, but it is one of the most expensive in its series. At the same time, the use of an intrauterine device is considered the cheapest and most affordable form of contraception.

This is a hormonal coil. Its manufacturers promise that the Mirena spiral is less likely to shift in the uterus or fall out. Namely, this leads to the onset of pregnancy, therefore, patients are advised to regularly check the presence of an intrauterine contraceptive in the right place.

Coil selection is a highly individual procedure. The intrauterine device is installed for no more than 5 years in the absence of contraindications to this.

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