Rowan Homemade Preparations

Rowan Homemade Preparations
Rowan Homemade Preparations

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Wellness cannot be bought with money and jewelry. Health and longevity are in the hands of the person himself. Those who think that being healthy today is too expensive a pleasure are wrong. As a rule, what is really useful is available to everyone. And pharmaceutical preparations have nothing to do with it.

Rowan homemade preparations
Rowan homemade preparations

Rowan, for example, is almost the record holder for the content of nutrients. It is especially famous for its carotene, which is 2 times more in it than in carrots. Only viburnum can compete with rowan in this regard.

The amount of vitamin C in mountain ash is the same as in lemon and currant. In addition, orange fruits contain sorbic and parasorbinic acids, which inhibit the growth of microorganisms, fungi and mold. This component is of great value, as it is able to prevent gastrointestinal infections.

Rowan is able to fight diseases such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, heart disease and even cancer. It helps well with dysentery, stomach diseases caused by low acidity. This berry is used as a choleretic and diuretic. Rowan also relieves headaches, calms the nerves and may well replace any vitamin complex.

Rowan berries, as well as its leaves and bark, can be of great help for a weakened body. The harvesting of this berry has always been paramount since ancient times, but now it has somehow lost its relevance. It's time to remember them.

Rowan is harvested in October. And if earlier it was required to wait for the first frost so that the berries ceased to taste bitter, now this is easily solved by means of a freezer. By the way, mountain ash can be simply frozen if the space of the freezer allows it to be done. Frozen berry almost does not lose its properties, and throughout the year it can be enjoyed and added to tea.

The natural properties of mountain ash can be preserved in another way. To do this, the berries are washed and tightly placed in sterilized jars, after which they are poured with boiled hot water and hermetically closed with iron lids. The cans are turned over and, after cooling, put away for storage.

Rowan in its own juice has proven itself well. To prepare it, the berries are blanched for 3 minutes, then the water is decanted, the berries are cooled and laid out in sterile jars. Then they are poured with boiling rowan juice and closed with iron lids.

To get mountain ash juice with pulp, 1 kg of mountain ash will require 200 g of sugar and 2 glasses of water. Bring the water to a boil and add 3 tbsp. l. salt. Prepared berries are dipped into a salty solution for 3-5 minutes, after which they are rinsed with cold water. This is done in order to remove bitterness from rowan fruits. After a simple procedure, the berries are rubbed through a sieve or, which is much easier, passed through a meat grinder. The berry mass is mixed with hot sugar syrup and poured into sterile jars.

Rowan, rubbed with sugar, keeps well under plastic lids or even paper. It is quite simple to prepare it. For 1 kg of mountain ash there should be 600 g of sugar, 1 liter of water and 3-4 tablespoons of salt. Water and salt are boiled and well washed berries are poured over with this brine. After 4-5 minutes, the salt water is drained, the berries are rinsed and kneaded. The resulting mass is mixed with sugar and placed in the cold for 4-6 hours. If during this time the sugar does not dissolve, then the mass can be heated. The finished rowan is laid out in glass jars. The pie filling is ready.

Rowan can be canned not only with sugar, but also with spicy spices. Soaked and pickled mountain ash is no less tasty and healthy, and it will not be difficult to cook it.

For pickling, you need 600 g of sugar, 1 liter of water, 100 g of 9% vinegar. The berry is first frozen, then washed and dipped in boiling water for 3-4 minutes.Then the mountain ash is cooled in water and laid out in sterile jars, in each of which you need to put 7 g of cinnamon and 10 peppercorns. The berries are poured with the prepared brine and covered with iron lids.

Pickled rowan is as easy to prepare as pickled. For 1 liter of water, 30-50 g of sugar, 5-7 cloves or a little cinnamon are taken. Before frozen mountain ash, you need to rinse well and put in a prepared dish. Sugar and spices are put into boiling water, the finished syrup is cooled and poured into a container with mountain ash. From above, the mountain ash is covered with a cloth, a wooden circle is installed and oppression is placed on it. For a week, the mountain ash should stand in a room with an air temperature of 18-20 degrees, after which it is transferred to a cold place. In a month, the soaked mountain ash will be ready and can be served as a side dish for meat and fish dishes, as well as added to vegetable salads.

Slender rowan trees grow everywhere, but few people use its magical properties. And the approaching autumn is the best reason to pay close attention to the mountain ash.

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