How To Protect Yourself From AIDS

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How To Protect Yourself From AIDS
How To Protect Yourself From AIDS

Currently, AIDS has become a real scourge of humanity, as every year more and more people are infected in the world. Despite the fact that modern medicine has already created some methods of treating this disease, in fact, a person still cannot control its spread and mutations.

How to protect yourself from AIDS
How to protect yourself from AIDS


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Each person should think about how to protect themselves from HIV infection. This will not require much effort if you clearly know the ways of spreading the disease and ways of self-defense. First of all, take care of protected intercourse. Each of the partners must ensure that during any kind of sex, even particles of blood, semen or vaginal lubricant do not get into his body. Modern medicine can offer a lot of methods of protection against unwanted pregnancies, but only a condom can save you from AIDS.

Step 2

If we recall the history of the very first outbreak of AIDS on the territory of Russia in the children's hospital of Elista, then it becomes clear the requirement to use disposable sterile medical instruments to perform any medical manipulations, especially those related to contact with blood. For patients, it should be habitual and necessary to use any syringes for single use only, because the slightest violation of the sterilization technique for medical instruments and equipment leads to the fact that HIV will retain its activity and, if it enters the body, will cause the development of the disease.

Step 3

For employees of health care institutions, it should be mandatory to use personal skin protection equipment for any contact with human biological fluids - after all, HIV can enter the body through the smallest and invisible microcracks and wounds.

Step 4

Naturally, the surest way to protect yourself from infection is to abstain from casual sex or monogamy, in which the partners have any kind of sex only with each other. Unfortunately, these conditions are often not met, so always use condoms, even with trusted partners.

Step 5

Do not use drugs and alcoholic beverages, as in a state of intoxication, the ability to resist and intelligibility in sexual intercourse are noticeably reduced. With this type of relationship, contraception is often forgotten, so the likelihood of infection is quite high. Also, avoid reusing syringes and needles. Currently, the prevalence of HIV and viral hepatitis, which are transmitted through blood, among injecting drug users is much higher than among the rest of the population, and it is this category of patients that is becoming the main source of infection. Only these methods can guarantee human safety and significantly reduce the risk of infection.

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