How To Save Money On Buying Medicines

How To Save Money On Buying Medicines
How To Save Money On Buying Medicines

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Any, even a frivolous disease is already a reason for seeking advice from a polyclinic. After the examination, the specialist will diagnose and prescribe the necessary medication.

How to save money on buying medicines
How to save money on buying medicines

Before going to the pharmacy, it is necessary to revise the medications at home, perhaps some medications are already available. Just do not forget about the expiration dates of the drugs.

You should not buy the entire list of medicines at the first available pharmacy. Despite the obvious proximity of 2-3 pharmacies, prices in them may differ significantly.

The pharmacist at the pharmacy will first of all recommend the more expensive drugs. In order not to overpay for the prescribed medication, you need to find out the main active ingredient. In the instructions, it usually comes first. Based on this, you can pick up cheaper domestic drugs (generics). Despite the low cost, the therapeutic effect will be the same as that of an expensive medicine.

If a drug is prescribed for long-term use, it makes sense to take a large package, it often costs less than several small ones. On the contrary, it is better to take unfamiliar drugs in smaller quantities, because it is not known how the body will react to them.

Before buying unfamiliar drugs, you must carefully read the instructions, this drug may be categorically contraindicated for you.

When buying medicines, do not hesitate to present a pension certificate, discount or other social card. Sometimes discounts on them can help you save a lot.

Herbal medicine can sometimes replace drugs. Herbal decoctions help no less effectively than expensive pills.

You shouldn't buy drugs "just in case". in the home first-aid kit there should be only the necessary drugs: for toothaches, headaches, antispasmodics, heart drugs and those that are indicated for long-term use.

Do not forget about prevention, because it is better to prevent a disease than to treat its consequences.

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