Will Onion Juice Help With A Cold

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Will Onion Juice Help With A Cold
Will Onion Juice Help With A Cold

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Onion - from seven ailments, as the Russian proverb says. Indeed, since ancient times, onions have been used as a remedy for many diseases, including the common cold.

Will onion juice help with a cold
Will onion juice help with a cold

By its biological properties, onions are a very useful vegetable. It contains a sufficient amount of vitamins C and group B, micro and macronutrients, various sugars, citric and malic acids. All these riches of onions are used not only in traditional medicine, but are recognized by official medicine.

Bow application

In folk medicine, onions are used for various purposes:

- as a bactericidal, - anti-inflammatory, - pain reliever, - an anthelmintic agent.

Onion gruel, applied through gauze to a wound or abrasion, will perfectly promote wound healing. Onions are successfully used for colds, which are always accompanied by profuse nasal discharge.

Onion for rhinitis

Usually, vasoconstrictor drugs such as naphthyzine, sonoren and others are used to treat rhinitis, when they are instilled into the nose, the vessels in the nasal mucosa narrow, edema falls, but very soon the frequent use of these drugs will become addictive and the effect of their effects will disappear.

In such cases, you can start treating rhinitis with folk remedies.

One of such remedies, of course, is onions. You just need to remember one very simple, but very important rule: never, under any circumstances, instill pure onion juice into your nose. The nasal mucosa is already inflamed, and onion juice is a rather aggressive substance. By instilling pure onion juice into your nose, you can burn the mucous membrane.

Rhinitis drops recipe

Finely chop the onion, you can grate it (never on a metal grater). Squeeze the juice through cheesecloth, mix four tablespoons of which with 150 ml of warm boiled water, add a tablespoon of honey. Mix everything well and let it brew for an hour. Use as directed, that is, instill three to four drops in each nostril every three hours.

Contraindications only for allergy sufferers who react to honey as an allergen. These drops are good because they affect the entire nasopharynx at once and do not allow the infection to spread further, deeper. And all thanks to the bactericidal properties of onions.


It is very good to arrange an onion inhalation for the nose. After rubbing the onion, place the resulting gruel on the bottom of the glass. Prepare a thick paper funnel. Place the wide mouth of the funnel on the glass, and insert the narrow end into the nostril. Put a glass of onion gruel in a container with hot water and inhale the hot onion vapor from each nostril for seven to ten minutes.

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