Do I Need To Bring Down The Temperature?

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Do I Need To Bring Down The Temperature?
Do I Need To Bring Down The Temperature?

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Fever is not a disease. In fact, this is just a symptom indicating that an infection has entered the body and is fighting it. The numbers you see on the thermometer are just a reflection of this struggle. They can be used to judge how successful the process is. The human immune system is responsible for an increase in body temperature during an illness, which begins to actively produce interferon in order to overcome the disease. For some, 37оС is enough to fight the infection, for others 38, and for some, 40 is not enough. In any case, if the patient himself or his relatives saw numbers greater than 38 on the thermometer, they, as a rule, panic and begin to knock down the temperature.

Do I need to bring down the temperature?
Do I need to bring down the temperature?

Raising body temperature to sufficiently high numbers is a necessary measure. And if you do not interfere in this process, the body forms the correct and only correct strategy for dealing with this type of virus. And if you correctly and soberly assess the situation, you will be able to achieve the fact that the next times the body will experience this struggle many times easier and easier.

What will happen if it is wrong to bring down the temperature

There is a certain criterion by which it is necessary to bring down the temperature. So, for example, a single recommendation is to take antipyretics only in cases where the thermometer readings are higher than 38, 5оС. There are, of course, a number of exceptions, when you need to drink special tablets or syrups to lower the temperature earlier. The list includes:

- the presence of febrile convulsions in the patient;

- severe tolerance of even a low temperature;

- early age (when it comes to sick children).

In all other cases, it is better to wait. After all, if you interfere with the process at the wrong time, you will disrupt the production of your own interferon. And this means that the body simply cannot cope with the disease, which will lead to a protracted course of infection, the development of complications, etc.

By knocking down a not particularly high temperature, you turn off your own immune system, which starts to get lazy. In addition, taking medications has a rather negative effect on the condition of various organs - liver, kidneys, etc.

For adults, it is recommended to generally try not to knock down the temperature. If you are really unbearable, choose diaphoretic herbal infusions instead of antipyretic drugs or drink tea with raspberries and honey.

How to bring down the temperature correctly

If you nevertheless decide to bring down the temperature, it is worth remembering that this must be done correctly. To begin with, take an antipyretic agent - it is different for everyone in terms of effectiveness. So, for example, an antipyretic based on ibuprofen helps someone well, for others only paracetamol is suitable, for others analgin, etc.

It should be borne in mind that modern doctors do not recommend using the previously popular aspirin as an antipyretic. This leads to the development of Reye's syndrome - a very serious and severe liver pathology.

Also, when lowering the temperature, it should be remembered that the higher the numbers on the thermometer, the less clothing the patient should have on. Excessive wrapping leads to even greater overheating, which has a very negative effect on the patient's condition. Naturally, we are not talking about those cases when a person is shivering.

It is desirable to achieve ideal parameters in the room where the patient is. This is a humidity of about 70%, fresh air and a temperature of no more than 23 ° C, preferably less.

Naturally, you cannot treat high fever with alcohol. Various tinctures, vodka, etc. only lead to vasodilation, which can cause pressure problems, but not in any way reduce the reading of the thermometer. In addition, various overheating should be avoided, such as going to the sauna, etc.

It is often recommended to use the rubdown method in order to bring down the heat. However, many doctors consider this method rather controversial and do not advise using it for children.This is due to the fact that if you rub it with vinegar or vodka, you run the risk of poisoning, because alcohol will enter the bloodstream through the skin and cause serious problems. If plain cold water is used for rubdown, this can lead to vasospasm, which also will not have a good effect on the general condition of the patient.

If you do decide to apply rubdowns, remember that you need to apply the solution or water to the elbow fossa, armpits, groin and under the knees. As for the face, forehead and back, you don't even need to waste efforts, because there will be no benefit from such wiping.

And, of course, it is recommended to drink a lot. It is best if ordinary drinking water, raisin infusion, compote or fruit drink are used as drinks. It is worth giving up lemonades, strong tea and coffee and other harmful drinks.

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