Potassium Orotat: Instructions For Use, Indications, Price

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Potassium Orotat: Instructions For Use, Indications, Price
Potassium Orotat: Instructions For Use, Indications, Price

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Potassium orotate is a drug that has a regenerating and anabolic effect. The drug restores metabolic processes, activates the formation of albumin in the hematopoietic organ and increases urine output. Potassium orotate is well tolerated. It can be used by almost all people.

Potassium orotat: instructions for use, indications, price
Potassium orotat: instructions for use, indications, price


On the pharmacological market, this drug is presented only in tablet form. Each tablet contains 500 mg of orotic acid.


Potassium orotat is renowned for its regenerating properties. It is used if the patient has a violation of protein metabolism. The drug activates reparative processes in the body, takes part in lipid and carbohydrate processes. It has a diuretic effect. Increases appetite. It is often prescribed in conjunction with cardiac glycosides.

When taking pills, only 10% of the substances are absorbed by the body. Potassium orotate is broken down in the liver to the metabolite orotidine-5-phosphate. The drug is excreted in the urine.


Orotic acid is used as part of complex therapy for diseases of the biliary tract and hematopoietic organ. The drug is effective for heart failure.

Potassium orotate is able to restore heart rhythms. It is often prescribed for anemia, muscular dystrophy, as well as with increased physical exertion. In childhood, the drug is prescribed in the presence of infectious hypotrophy.


Since the liver is involved in the cleavage process, orotic acid is not prescribed for acute and chronic lesions of the hematopoietic organ. Exclude the medication from the therapy of people who have ascites or are allergic to the components of the drug.

Pills should be taken very carefully during pregnancy and kidney failure.

Mode of application

Since orotic acid is better absorbed on an empty stomach, it should be taken on an empty stomach. The recommended amount of the drug is 250-500 mg three times a day. The duration of treatment varies between 20-40 days. In some cases, therapy can be 2 months, but an increase in the course should be carried out only with the consent of the doctor. The daily dosage of a child is calculated based on his weight, and is 10-20 mg per kg of body. Orotic acid should be taken in several doses.

Side effects

Unpleasant phenomena while taking the drug are extremely rare. In isolated cases, dyspeptic reactions were recorded. In case of individual intolerance, allergic symptoms may appear. If you experience any discomfort, you should consult your doctor.

Cost and analogues

Potassium orotate in the amount of 20 tablets will cost the buyer 130 rubles. In the absence of this tool, you can purchase its analogues, for example, "Mildronat", "Riboxin", "Asparkam".

According to reviews, orotic acid is most popular among bodybuilding athletes who take chemical drugs. For example, taking potassium orotate and steroids together can reduce your risk of heart disease.

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