How To Replenish Magnesium

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How To Replenish Magnesium
How To Replenish Magnesium

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In the human body, magnesium occupies one of the leading positions, second only to potassium, sodium and calcium. Therefore, a decrease in the amount of this macronutrient leads to a pronounced dysfunction of all organs and systems of a person.

How to Replenish Magnesium
How to Replenish Magnesium


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Unbalanced nutrition, malnutrition, diseases of the small intestine, alcohol abuse, increased physical activity, pregnancy and breastfeeding are susceptible to magnesium deficiency.

Step 2

Women should consume 300 mg of magnesium per day, men 350 mg, and pregnant and lactating women up to 450 mg.

Step 3

Lack of magnesium in the body is manifested by symptoms from the nervous system (depression, irritability). Characterized by "jumps" in blood pressure and heart rhythm disturbances. Patients complain of frequent nocturnal leg cramps. Magnesium deficiency is especially dangerous for pregnant women, as it can provoke miscarriage and premature birth.

Step 4

Unfortunately, the intake of magnesium from food does not compensate for possible losses. The richest foods in magnesium: spinach, broccoli and rhubarb are practically not included in the daily diet. Although they contain magnesium in the most assimilable form. Therefore, to prevent magnesium deficiency, it is necessary to consume these particular foods as often as possible.

Step 5

It is advisable to replace some of the animal proteins in the diet with vegetable ones. Therefore, be sure to cook dishes with beans, peas, beans.

Step 6

Eat nuts, bananas, halva, dark chocolate as a dessert and you will immediately notice how your mood improves.

Step 7

Eat breakfast with porridge, do not neglect eggs. Seafood is ideal in terms of the content of micro- and macroelements.

Step 8

But you should not abuse dairy products, since excess calcium forms insoluble compounds with magnesium, and the latter simply will not be absorbed.

Step 9

Choose rye bread, preferably with bran. Try tea with the addition of rose hips, hawthorns, black currants. Brew hop cones at night for sleep disturbances. All this will help maintain the balance of magnesium in the body.

Step 10

Please note that you can take medicines containing magnesium (Magne B6, Panangin) only after consulting your doctor.

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