How To Get Rid Of Salts In The Body

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How To Get Rid Of Salts In The Body
How To Get Rid Of Salts In The Body

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It is enough for a healthy person to consume 8 grams of salt per day. Excessive use of salt leads to the fact that it begins to be deposited in the body, causing various diseases. Its excess causes hypertension, diseases of the kidneys, joints, blood vessels and other troubles. It is recommended to get rid of salts accumulated in the body from time to time. However, this must be done correctly.

How to get rid of salts in the body
How to get rid of salts in the body


  • - wild carrot seeds;
  • - grass of a mountaineer;
  • - black currant leaves;
  • - strawberry leaves;
  • - grape tendrils.


Step 1

If salt metabolism is disturbed, it is necessary to find out which type of salt prevails in the body. In no case should all salts be removed at the same time. This is fraught with serious health problems. First you need to pass a general urine test. It can be done at home.

Step 2

Collect your morning urine in a glass jar. It should stand for a day. You will see the result the next morning. White sediment on the walls indicates the presence of phosphates, calcium and alkaline salts. Uric acid salts are deposited as reddish crystals. If there is a dark red or black sediment on the sides and bottom of the jar, then you have oxalates.

Step 3

Salts must be withdrawn sequentially. First of all, phosphates, calcium and alkaline salts are removed. Then - uric acid salts. Oxalates are removed last. However, before starting to cleanse the body, you need to make sure that the kidneys and urinary system are functioning normally. If there are any problems, they must be eliminated and only after that proceed to cleanse the body.

Step 4

White salts are considered light and are deposited in the upper part of the body, causing osteochondrosis. This type of salt makes itself felt with pain in the back of the head, neck, back, shoulders, arms. Wild carrots are best eliminated from the body.

Pour a glass of boiling water over one umbrella with wild carrot seeds. Let the tea brew and drink a quarter cup 4 times a day. You will feel the effect after a week.

Step 5

Uric acid salts are deposited in the lower extremities and cause gout. They are produced by the grass of the mountaineer and the leaves of black currant and strawberry. Herbal infusion

Take one part of the mountaineer and two parts each of black currant leaves and strawberries. Stir the ingredients. Pour one tablespoon of the mixture with a glass of boiling water. Take two tablespoons of the infusion 4 times a day. After three weeks, your joints will start to hurt. This will mean that salts have begun to leave the body.

Step 6

Oxalates are deposited throughout the body - in blood vessels, muscles, joints, bones. They are perfectly removed with the help of grape tendrils.

Pour a teaspoon of chopped grape tendrils with a glass of boiling water and put on low heat for a couple of minutes. Remove from heat and let the broth stand. After an hour, strain the tea and take a quarter cup 4 times a day.

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