From What Cereals They Lose Weight

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From What Cereals They Lose Weight
From What Cereals They Lose Weight

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The question of whether it is worth eating porridge in the process of losing weight is rather complicated. Some experts believe that cereals, due to the high content of carbohydrates, "inhibit" the process of weight loss, while others, on the contrary, recommend eating cereals for breakfast in order to recharge with energy for the whole day.

From what cereals they lose weight
From what cereals they lose weight

What cereals will help you lose weight?

The first step is to say that all people who dream of saying goodbye to extra pounds will have to give up instant cereals and switch to whole grains, for example, millet, rice, buckwheat and others. No matter how easy fast food makes life, they still lose in terms of the content of nutrients to whole grains.

One of the favorite cereals of losing weight women is buckwheat. And experts consider it a very useful product. Buckwheat contains iron, fiber, vitamins of various groups - all this is so necessary for the body during the period of weight loss.

Oatmeal or rolled oats are a good breakfast option for weight watchers. Porridge helps the intestines work, contains iron, magnesium, fluoride and other useful trace elements.

Also, the process of losing weight is facilitated by such cereals as millet, wheat, barley, pearl barley. But rice lovers need to be more careful. White cereals are not conducive to weight loss. It is recommended to choose brown, unpeeled rice. It contains a large amount of nutrients: fiber and vitamins, which will help support the immune system.

How to cook porridge to lose weight?

It is important not only to choose the right cereal, but also to cook it. Nutritionists advise cooking cereals in water, without adding salt and sugar. By the way, if the porridge is prepared in a slow cooker, you can add grated apple or freshly squeezed juice to the cereal, this will add a touch of piquancy to the dish. After the porridge is ready, it can be slightly salted. If a person eats it for breakfast, it is allowed to add milk with a fat content of no more than 1.5%. But to cook initially on it is not worth it. Fans of a more refined taste can use natural spices: cinnamon, pepper and others.

If a person sets a goal to lose weight, no more than 50% carbohydrates should be present in his daily menu. That is, for example, when calculating calories, half of them should be taken from foods containing carbohydrates, including cereals. When dieting, it is recommended to eat porridge for breakfast or in the morning, but in the evening it is better to exclude the consumption of cereals so as not to slow down the process of weight loss.

It is impossible to completely exclude carbohydrates from the diet. Such restrictions will affect the general well-being, the functioning of the nervous system and mental activity. If the weight has ceased to decrease, you should give preference to buckwheat. It contains essential vitamins, but does not provide extra calories.

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