How To Start Cleansing The Body

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How To Start Cleansing The Body
How To Start Cleansing The Body

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The human body is an ideal mechanism that is able to cleanse and restore itself in a natural way. Unfortunately, self-purification of the body is sometimes impossible, since organs and organ systems are not adapted to various dyes, preservatives, emulsifiers and other substances that have become an integral part of food. Therefore, sometimes the body needs help to get rid of toxins and salts.

How to start cleansing the body
How to start cleansing the body


Step 1

To begin with, clearly define the time and timing of the cleansing. It is the emotional attitude that is very important here, which will not let you break loose without completing the process.

Step 2

At the time of cleansing the body of toxins, give up bad habits, including smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.

Step 3

It is advisable to seek advice from a dietitian. It will help you determine if there is a risk of complications during the cleansing.

Step 4

During the entire period, you should try to drink as much pure plain water as possible. The fact is that water is an amazing substance that promotes the processes of purification and excretion of salts, toxins from organisms, and is also able to prevent the formation of kidney stones. Drink at least 2 liters per day. Remember that tea, sodas, juices and coffee should never be considered a substitute for plain water.

Step 5

Whichever method of cleansing you choose, make sure that the food is complete and contains the required amount of vitamins and minerals.

Step 6

The first and most important step is bowel cleansing. Limit the amount of animal fat in your diet. It is also necessary to normalize intestinal motility. For this purpose, use a natural mechanical stimulant - fiber. For example, it is useful to have breakfast with a glass of kefir mixed with bran. For lunch and dinner, be sure to eat light vegetable salads, which should include celery. Meals should be fractional - eat several times a day in small portions. Fresh carrot juice is considered very useful. Make a regular salad with boiled beetroot seasoned with vegetable oil.

Step 7

It is useful to combine the process of cleansing the body with a professional full body massage. Be sure to do gymnastics with an emphasis on the abdominal muscles - this will improve blood flow and normalize the functioning of the abdominal organs.

Step 8

Start the cleansing process with a mono-diet, which should last 3-4 days.

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