How Much To Wear Braces

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How Much To Wear Braces
How Much To Wear Braces

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Braces are called effective orthodontic devices, the purpose of which is to correct defects in the dentition in adolescents and adults. The period of wearing them is purely individual and depends on the degree of the defect, the patient's age and a number of other factors.

How much to wear braces
How much to wear braces

Minimum and maximum term

The minimum wearing period for orthodontic braces is six months. However, it can vary depending on the age category of the patient, since the bite is corrected much faster in younger people than in adults. The duration of treatment is adjusted by the orthodontist during the use of braces and can be significantly extended. Often, after the end of treatment, the teeth return to their original place, so the patient either puts on braces again, or uses a special removable retainer that fixes the new position of the teeth.

The retainer must be worn for the same period as the braces - and in no case should it be removed before the time set by the orthodontist.

The maximum period of wearing braces is from two to three years, followed by wearing a retainer. In most cases, the visible correction of the bite becomes noticeable as early as three months after putting on the braces. However, if the defect is too pronounced, the effect of braces on the curvature of the teeth may show positive results after a longer time.

The nuances of wearing braces

The duration of wearing braces depends not only on each specific case, but also on their type. So, the period of wearing the most modern braces of the latest generation, reduces this time by a third or even half. In this case, the final correction of the curved dentition is achieved after a year, and the degree of curvature, if used, does not play the most important role.

The latest generation of orthodontic braces are more expensive than standard metal braces, but this does not negatively affect their widespread demand among patients.

To correct very complex defects - cross or open bite - braces should be worn as long as possible: at least one and a half to two years. Therefore, when prescribing them, you should not argue with the orthodontist about the duration of treatment, because in order to get a beautiful smile, you will have to endure exactly as much as this or that case requires. However, if the choice in favor of braces has already been made, you should never be guided by the timing of their wearing by other people, since the required duration of treatment can only be determined by a qualified orthodontist.

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