Are Electronic Cigarettes Harmful To Others?

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Are Electronic Cigarettes Harmful To Others?
Are Electronic Cigarettes Harmful To Others?

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Modern laws significantly hamper the smoker - it is not so easy to find a place in the city where you can light a cigarette without meeting the condemning glances of others or even a policeman. There is a way out - not so long ago electronic cigarettes became very popular. However, are they as harmless as they seem?

Are electronic cigarettes harmful to others?
Are electronic cigarettes harmful to others?

What is an electronic cigarette

Outwardly, electronic cigarettes most often resemble conventional devices for smoking tobacco - cigars, cigarettes, pipes, but sometimes they can be of very unusual shapes. A small device, in its principle of operation, most of all resembles an inhaler - the device has a vaporizer that converts liquid into vapor, as well as a battery that supplies electric current to carry out this conversion.

The main substance consumed by the e-cigarette smoker is liquid, which is filled into replaceable cartridges. It consists of glycerin, which produces steam and softens its taste, propylene glycol, which ensures the solubility of essential oils, and irritates the nerves in the respiratory tract - a similar effect is present when smoking a regular cigarette. Nicotine, essential oils and food flavorings are also present in the liquid. There are also electronic cigarettes without nicotine.

Initially, electronic cigarettes were created in order to make it easier for people to part with a bad habit, but later they became a replacement for the usual methods of smoking.

The harm of electronic cigarettes compared to conventional ones

Compared to conventional e-cigarettes, the former look much less harmful. The bulk of hazardous substances - carcinogens, tar, as well as hydrocyanic acid, methanol, carbon monoxide and others are contained in the smoke resulting from the combustion of tobacco. The electronic cigarette from the harmful substances inherent in tobacco products contains only nicotine.

Also, electronic cigarettes, unlike ordinary ones, get rid of bad breath, hair and clothes of the smoker, do not lead to discoloration of teeth and nails.

Passive smoking of electronic cigarettes

The main reason for the unfolding fight against tobacco smoking was the protection of people from forced passive smoking. A smoker standing with a cigarette deliberately harms his health, but those around him did not make such a choice, and the cigarette smoke bothers them. The electronic cigarette partially solves the problem. This small device does not release many health hazardous compounds into the air. Most e-cigarette cartridges also contain essential oils, which give the exhaled vapor a pleasant aroma. This eliminates the unpleasant odor, although some people, in turn, may not like the scent of apple or watermelon.

A spoon of tar

At first glance, an electronic cigarette can be a great solution for a smoker who does not want to part with his habit, but at the same time tries not to harm loved ones. However, there is one caveat. Unlike conventional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are not subject to mandatory certification, and the buyer has to rely on the seller's good faith. Also, there have been no large-scale studies that would completely dispel doubts about the safety of electronic cigarettes. The experiments were carried out only by private companies, and although they gave a positive result, this cannot be a 100% guarantee.

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